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» ~Some More Pets UFA~

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    7th of Mar '18 @ 10:15 AM

Just tell me why you want a specific pet/if you have any plan for them smile_grin.gif
Don't forget to ping me @Tanya

Pets UFA
Affinity - Flying Makoat
Bard - Cubed Jakrit
Laurry - Love Ori
Brand - Firebreathing Dovu
Crawl - Woodland Traptur
Disguise - Prankster Ridix
Feint - Prankster Ori
Function - Firebreathing Trido
Innocent - Baby Dabu
Ledger - Love Ridix
Machete - Pirate Wulfer
Mask - Skeletal Trido
Halberd - Ancient Ridix
Rifle - Prankster Makoat
Simple - Baby Sharshel
Timeless - Blue Ori

Pets UFT
I don't care about stats, I'm only interested in purchasing/trading gallery items for pets with real word/real named pets. I also have the following to trade:
Hecarim - Halloween Zabeu
Nestor - Plushie Ridix

You will probably already see it @Read but heres a little ping incase you were curious about which ones I'm giving up without a doubt.

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    8th of Mar '18 @ 9:00 AM


I would love to adopt Innocent if she’s still UFA. I love pet names like hers and I would adopt Simple too, if one of my pets didn’t already have a similar name. :p
The only thing I would change is her pet color. I’m not a huge fan of the Baby Dabu, so I would probably change it to the Baby Dovu or another Baby pet if you wouldn’t mind. smile_heart.gif

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