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Team Green Trido

Posts: 4422
Avatars: 172/202

    4th of Mar '18 @ 4:51 PM

No way i thought i would give the avatar a try again after reading @Lokkis why do you play games board and I thought the score i needed was like 15,000 which I got no where near but when I left the games page there was the avatar I'm crazy happy right now

Check out my gallery its got a lot of neat stuff in and its all for sale! prices lower than the shop searcher to

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    5th of Mar '18 @ 3:16 AM

This literally might be the most difficult Avatar I ever got as well!
Congrats! smile_laugh.gif

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Team Yellow Sharshel

Posts: 2457
Avatars: 178/202

Team Yellow Sharshel

Posts: 2128
Avatars: 177/202

    6th of Mar '18 @ 1:48 AM

Yayyyy congrats smile_laugh.gifsmile_heart.gif

Avatars : 177/198

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    6th of Mar '18 @ 8:18 AM

@Kirsty OH WOW! A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS! That's awesome!

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Team Red Dovu

Posts: 2130
Avatars: 106/202

Team Green Trido

Posts: 2941
Avatars: 181/202

    6th of Mar '18 @ 4:24 PM

Congrats! Another avatar down. smile_happy.gif

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