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» Bugs for... food?

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Would you eat them?
NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!  40% 2 votes
Yes I would!  40% 2 votes
...maybe??  20% 1 vote


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    28th of Feb '18 @ 3:36 PM Hasnt voted yet!

Yes, I am talking about 6 legged creepy crawlies being served on a dish set in front of you as you would put cheese or bacon bits.

Mealworms, Tenebrio Molito to be exact for my conversation.

Nutrient Composition
Mealworm larva contain significant nutrient content, a feature that has made them viable as food and feed. For every 100 grams of raw mealworm larva, 206 calories and anywhere from 14 to 25 grams of protein are contained. Mealworm larva contain levels of potassium, copper, sodium, selenium, iron and zinc that rival that of beef. Mealworms contain essential linoleic acids as well. They also have greater vitamin content by weight compared to beef, B12 not included.
Taken from Wikipedia


I am an odd ball, I love bugs and arachnids a lot. I recently got 2000 of these little "Dark dwellers" to start breeding my own for food consumption. They were purchased from a source that raised them organically and now I can control their diet. We used to breed them for toad food before and years later I could not stop thinking about them and decided it was time.

Would you try them? Do you think we should be more open to this in regular diets? Beef vs insect for waste and space being taken up.

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    28th of Feb '18 @ 4:20 PM Voted for Yes I would!


Where I'm from they are as common in any market or dish as chicken or beef. Just not too long ago I was talking with my partner how I was craving deep fried tarantulas which is a popular snack there and now you just reawaken it :E

I live near a farmer's co-op that sells them but it's seasonal, in limited stock, and they are a little too expensive for me to justify purchasing (actually I don't think they sell them anymore). Which is a shame. Quality bugs/insects are definitely good for you and a great alternate source of protein. I just don't agree with overpricing them due to the novelty of it. Hopefully, they'll become mainstream enough that they become more affordable.

So, yes I will eat them. People should try them at least once in their lifetime if they're meat eaters. They're pretty tasty. If you don't like one bug, try a different species.

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    2nd of Mar '18 @ 9:37 AM Voted for NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!

@Chapstick @Gnelmik I'm vegetarian.

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    8th of Mar '18 @ 1:37 AM Hasnt voted yet!

I'm vegetarian,too @Lokki smile_heart.gif for our animals smile_heart.gif

trying to be more vegan!

i wouldnt eat bugs BUUUUUT i highly suggest eating them instead of animals !

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V e g a n

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    18th of Mar '18 @ 1:56 PM Voted for NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!

I have a huge phobia of insects, so I absolutely would not eat any if given the choice. So...I'm putting it as a NO NO NO NO NO.

HOWEVER, if it were down to survival on some deserted island, I would most likely get over my fear. People have eaten worse things in situations of great stress.

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    2nd of May '18 @ 2:53 PM Voted for Yes I would!

I put yes I would, but honestly, I probably wouldn't. I just know that it exists in other cultures, and I am fully supportive of that!

If you feel you do not belong in this world, it is because you were born to create a new one.

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    10th of Jun '18 @ 10:51 PM Voted for ...maybe??

I've eaten them before. I was offered one from a friend. It was one of those dried mealworm snacks (Larvet Snack) coated in cheese flavoring dust. Honestly, the cheese dust was the worst part.

I probably wouldn't eat another, unless I was starving.

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