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» best way to get rainbow sj + general questions

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    27th of Feb '18 @ 4:13 AM

so, i took a look through the archive of pet colours and ive got my heart set on getting my krittle either a rainbow snow jar or rainbow krittle morphing potion. im lacking information though, so i thought id post here! my questions are:

which is more achievable/inexpensive, the snow jar or the potion?
ive found both in the jigsaw, but is there a better/less expensive way to get either of them?
are the cottoncandy/snowdrift potions/jars stocked in the sj igloo?

and the general questions i have are:

ive seen people talk about 'restocking' the shops and i dont think theyre talking about user shops, what does this mean?
where would one obtain a baby snow jar/potion?
and super non-urgent, but what is the process for funding a pet design? (i think thats what its called) can you get colours/designs that dont already exist on the site (like a floral krittle for example)?

frog, they/them

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    27th of Feb '18 @ 11:17 AM


I think either option has its pros and cons...

My opinion though, if you're looking to get a krittle, is to use the MPs. From personal experience, I feel like you are more likely to find the MPs over the SJs. Those seem a lot more rare. Plus, to get the Bluegreen MP for the krittle is cheaper than the SJ.

The only time I would opt for using Snow Jars would be for using it on Zabeus, Xephyrs, and Jakrits. That is obviously a personal choice but I thought I would share my thoughts on the this with you.

Also, yes...the cottoncandy and snowdrift snow jars do stock in the Snow Jar Igloo, just rarely.

The Baby Snow Jar can also be found in the SJ Igloo.

Restocking is buying items from the NPC shops. That mean shops like the Snow Jar Igloo and the Food Shop.

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Item Artist

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    27th of Feb '18 @ 11:44 AM


RiverStarr's answers are all correct!

For your last question, you can fund a new pet color by going to the Requests page from the Support site (which is linked at the bottom of every page)!

All you have to do is select the pet, the color you want and a description of how you'd want the pet and morphing potion to look, assuming you have any preferences. We'll discuss what you want based on the details given and move forward once an agreement has been reached!
We currently do not have an option to fund colors that don't already exist on-site. However, we do have a thread in our Ideas & Suggestions forums where you can leave any ideas you have for new pet colors for us to consider! smile_happy.gif

armin | they / them

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    27th of Feb '18 @ 4:13 PM

@RiverStarr thank you!! thats all really helpful. i think i'll go for a morphing potion then, to save ip. and thank you soooo much for the morphing potion!!!!!!!!! that was really kind of you smile_heart.gifsmile_heart.gifsmile_heart.gif

@mochihugs thanks!!! i'll definitely drop some suggestions over there sometime. and its good to know how funding new pet colours works, im definitely going to consider funding one in the future smile_happy.gif

frog, they/them

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    28th of Feb '18 @ 12:54 AM

@friendlyFrog I use snow jars when I don't want to change the species of an IcePet. Snow Jars are usually more expensive for that very reason - they don't change the species. Morphing Potions change the species unless you get one exactly the species you're wanting. smile_happy.gif

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    5th of Mar '18 @ 6:09 PM


This might also help you for future reference.

Morphing Potions Data

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