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    24th of Feb '18 @ 3:36 AM

I went on a semi hiatus that lasted a couple years, and unfortunately I've become unfamiliar with some of the site's features! I just today received an item from someone (not via the gift center) didn't catch their name before I clicked away! Is there a way to find out who sent the item?

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    24th of Feb '18 @ 11:25 AM


Unfortunately, at this time there is no way for a User to recover that information. In some cases, you might have luck posting a general thank you on the General Discussions forum and the gifter might come forward (or maybe they’ll even see this thread)!

I hope you find them smile_happy.gif

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    24th of Feb '18 @ 7:59 PM

@Rayquaza That's happened to me - and I always feel badly about it, but just post a general thank you in the forums and they'll catch it I'm sure.

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    5th of Mar '18 @ 9:58 PM

Yeah that's what i did to smile_happy.gif and i found one generous gravity sent something my way

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V e g a n

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