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    20th of Feb '18 @ 11:25 AM

More thinking out loud! Sometimes I think it would be nice if a person could "hire" another user to feed and/or play with their pets to keep them healthy and happy when their human companion is for one reason or another unable to for a while. So the stats don't say "Dying and Lonely". smile_sad.gif

I have no idea if this would be possible or even if anyone else might find this useful - but I toss out the idea for opinions.


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    22nd of Feb '18 @ 5:21 PM

Hi <:
The mood and hunger of your pets doesn't change if you don't come to Icepets uvu

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    22nd of Feb '18 @ 7:39 PM

I think it would be a cute idea, but highly unnecessary. Like Remlyn said, hunger and mood don’t affect your pet. Mine are dying and lonely right now and I can’t imagine that anyone would want to feed and play with 80+ of my pets. I’m not an expert on coding, but I assume that there’s also a large amount of coding that would need to be done to implement this idea.

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    15th of Mar '18 @ 12:58 AM

Or maybe an expensive item that takes care of all the needs of your pets? Hmmm... smile_ninja.gif

"Look around, look around, at how lucky we are to be alive right now!"

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    15th of Mar '18 @ 8:57 AM

For current times I can see it seeming useless, but in the future after the revamp if things like the battle arena ARE added, usually pets cannot enter if hungry, dying, lonely etc. Unless icepets plans to ignore this aspect of the pets I'd love to also see a resort or item available to help keep them happy and well fed added to the 'to do' list smile_happy.gif

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    15th of Mar '18 @ 3:25 PM

@Hamchung77 I like that Idea. smile_yes.gif

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    16th of Mar '18 @ 4:54 PM

Actually I was clutching at straws to get my daily ic when I posted this. smile_laugh.gif

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    26th of Mar '18 @ 1:56 PM

I agree to the pet sitter idea. If a user goes on a one-month vacation and there is little to no internet, who would take care of them?

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    26th of Mar '18 @ 5:25 PM

Could be like a petday care! You pay a fee for a certain amount of days and your pet will be fed and played with during those days while you are away.


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    26th of Mar '18 @ 7:38 PM


As @Remlyn said above,

Posted by Remlyn

Hi <:
The mood and hunger of your pets doesn't change if you don't come to Icepets uvu

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    27th of Mar '18 @ 11:11 AM

@Cowpro I just posted this one day when I was desperate for a new topic. smile_laugh.gif

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    3rd of May '18 @ 8:59 AM

I think a item that takes care of them would be easier XD

Im trying to get through Level 5 On Zabau so XD


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