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» Favorite Movie

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Favorite Movie out of these?
How To Train Your Dragon  57% 4 votes
Ice Age  14% 1 vote
Madagascar No Votes
Star Wars No Votes
Harry Potter  29% 2 votes

Team Red Dovu

Posts: 89
Avatars: 43/202

    16th of Feb '18 @ 5:36 PM Hasnt voted yet!

Just wondering, whats your favorite movie? Check out my poll and vote a few of the movies out of there too!

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    24th of Feb '18 @ 12:10 AM Voted for Harry Potter

Harry Potter is always the answer.

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Team Yellow Sharshel

Posts: 2457
Avatars: 178/202

Team Green Trido

Posts: 2941
Avatars: 181/202

    24th of Feb '18 @ 7:29 AM Voted for Harry Potter

My favorite movie isn’t on the list, but out of those, my vote easily goes to Harry Potter. smile_geek.gif

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Posts: 62
Avatars: 33/202

    24th of Feb '18 @ 1:12 PM Voted for How To Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon by far one of my favorite movie series.

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Posts: 33
Avatars: 11/202

    24th of Feb '18 @ 11:08 PM Voted for Ice Age

Although I'm not a big movie-goer, I've had fond memories for Ice Age and Madagascar.. The first movies anyway.

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Team Yellow Sharshel

Posts: 608
Avatars: 166/202

    25th of Feb '18 @ 8:29 PM Voted for How To Train Your Dragon

Hard choice of the options, but I think I gotto go How To Train Your Dragon. Star Wars isn't fair because there's like ten of 'em! The recent 3 have been AMAZING though, so I'd call it an even tie.

Here is the node, you who hate change and fear revolution. Keep these two squatting men apart; make them hate, fear, suspect each other. Here is the anlage of the thing you fear. This is the zygote. For here "I have lost my land" is changed; a cell is split and from its splitting grows the thing you hate—"We lost our land." The danger is here, for two men are not as lonely and perplexed as one. And from this first "we" there grows a still more dangerous thing: "I have a little food" plus "I have none." If from this problem the sum is "We have a little food," the thing is on its way, the movement has direction.

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Posts: 108
Avatars: 29/202

    26th of Feb '18 @ 10:02 AM Voted for How To Train Your Dragon

My favorite movie is Megamind. I love the fact the badguy wins, I want to see that more.
Next is District 9, that movie was just too amazing. I also have a soft spot for invertebrate.

Oops! My weird is showing smile_laugh.gif I mean HTTYD. I am more of a book fan for Harry Potter than the movies.

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Team Blue Audril

Posts: 4515
Avatars: 181/202

    26th of Feb '18 @ 1:59 PM Voted for How To Train Your Dragon

Based on your list, How to Train Your Dragon is my favourite. Ironically, it also tops my top 10 favourites smile_happy.gif

"Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game."

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