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» Hi I haven't logged in in 7 years! I feel like the oldest person on icepets

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    14th of Feb '18 @ 9:02 PM

I'm 20 and just got back into my account!

What is rich for icepets? I have 55k. I have no idea what I'm doing.

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    14th of Feb '18 @ 9:10 PM


Welcome back to IcePetssmile_heart.gifsmile_heart.gif
I would start buy completing all daily quests.

I've seen several players list goals on their profile page, one stands out as having saved 150 million IP. (So impressive)

Good luck

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    14th of Feb '18 @ 9:12 PM

Thank you! I came back because I remembered the pets were pretty adorable.

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    15th of Feb '18 @ 12:34 AM

@star581 Yes, the IcePets are lovely, and the people friendly, caring, and helpful Welcome back!

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Head Moderator

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    15th of Feb '18 @ 8:12 AM

Came back after a few years myself just the other day smile_happy.gif See you around ^.^

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Head Editor

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    15th of Feb '18 @ 4:38 PM

Ah welcome back! Good news is you're definitely not the oldest person around smile_wink.gif

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    15th of Feb '18 @ 5:38 PM

Aw everyone is so nice here. I come from neopets. So I'm getting used to icepet's mechanics. Thanks for all the warm welcomes everyone.

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    16th of Feb '18 @ 6:08 AM

Welcome back! I came back from a hiatus as well a while ago. It wasn’t 7 years, but I’m sure you’ll get adjusted to all the changes in no time. smile_happy.gif

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    16th of Feb '18 @ 9:04 AM


Welcome back to Icepets! I love seeing older players come back. I hope you stick around smile_grin.gif

"Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game."

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    16th of Feb '18 @ 9:14 AM


Welcome back! I am older than you but I have only been on icepets since October. I had 100k but it was spent so fast in such little time doing quests smile_cry.gif

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Posts: 63
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    16th of Feb '18 @ 1:50 PM

@star581 I have you beat age wise! Enjoy your time here~

I wasn't a member 7 years ago, but I imagine you're seeing improvements! smile_laugh.gif

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    16th of Feb '18 @ 7:09 PM

Welcome back!!

My account has yours beat by 2 years smile_cool.gif

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    17th of Feb '18 @ 6:25 AM

Welcome back my account is 13 days older than yours haha
And i am 10 years older than you lol

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    17th of Feb '18 @ 12:29 PM

Welcome back! I often leave for a little short while and come back too! Hope you stick around smile_happy.gif

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    18th of Feb '18 @ 11:56 AM

I logged on for the first time in a minute. Probably over a year.

Gotta make sure the pets don't get permanently disbanded.

So, I'll see you guys in another year. smile_tongue.gif


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Posts: 1813
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    19th of Feb '18 @ 3:31 PM


Welcome back! My account will be five years old in June, but I am over forty years older than you.

I hope you stick around. I am glad so many people are coming back after a lot of years. I have never been on a hiatus, but there have been times when I only logged on for about an hour or two a day. That was mostly when I was in college and very busy with school work.

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