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    11th of Feb '18 @ 6:10 PM

Hello everyone smile_happy.gif

I have been trying to find a searchable database and only then a thread that was a few years old, I didn't see any.

If I am wrong please correct me!

As a result, I'm going to make one. It will be using a simple script and although I can't include images since it's a free program, I can include a link to the image.

So I'd like to know what info you'd want for each item. My current titles are as follows

- Item Name
- Type (ex: Gourmet Food)
- How to obtain
- Image Link
- Retired (Yes/No)

Each section will be searchable by using a dropdown menu so for example you can pick all gourmet foods and choose the 'no' option for retired.

Needless to say this is a large project so I will need help gathering some info. So if anything has a "UN" to it, it would mean I don't have the info at the time and if anyone wants to supply it, just let me know! (May even make a google doc page that contributors can help with).

If this seems like something you would all enjoy just let me know.

To help you visualize what I am talking about, here is a basic one-lined example

EDIT: I am playing around with the test database so you may see more than one line. Also decided instead of "UN" I would just leave it blank since it may mean I am working on it (esp image links, figured those can be added at a lower priority for now).

EDIT 2: Working on ice cubes and giving credit to this site for helping with the info.

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    12th of Feb '18 @ 2:52 AM


It would be cool if you include if it’s an ICE item or a token booth item. Or a prize shop item, and it’s cost.

Also if you include the rarity of the item that would be nice too

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    12th of Feb '18 @ 7:21 AM

@Cowpro Good thinking! Will include those headers too smile_happy.gif

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    12th of Feb '18 @ 7:58 AM

@IcePrincess GREAT idea!

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Posts: 120
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    12th of Feb '18 @ 11:00 AM

@Cowpro OK so after relooking at my list. I think under "How to obtain" is there I could put "Ice Shop" "Token Booth" etc. Would that work for you?

@Lokki Thank you smile_happy.gif

Thankfully this program allows you to update/add through .csv files so it can be relatively easy to keep track of and update. Thank goodness for that!

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