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» Recolour Request

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    6th of Feb '18 @ 10:10 AM

I think it would be nice to have it in the request.


So when we only want a recolour of an item who already exist we dont have to buy a new request item, just the recolour for it.

EX: i want a new ...i dont know..a New Lone sock in another color, so i only have to request the recolour for it ^^

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    6th of Feb '18 @ 4:54 PM


Sounds like a great idea smile_happy.gif

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    9th of Feb '18 @ 12:39 PM

@Mongolou I like this idea smile_yes.gif

Cozy Zabeu comforts...

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    11th of Feb '18 @ 3:36 PM

@Mongolou @Splash @CoastPony

Depending on the Item, this might be possible!
It all hinges on how the image was saved and, in some cases, how the Item was created.

For most older images, this will not be possible because we don't have the PSD files we need for a recolour. This means that the entire Item would need to be redrawn, which at that point, makes it a whole new Item within itself.

Even for some of the newer images, depending on the Artist, the colouring process may not be saved in a way that would allow a recolour either. So what this really means is that is might be possible in some instances and not in others.

If a recolour of an Item is something you'd be interested in funding, please feel free to submit a Request and Staff would be more than willing to look into the situation for that specific Item!
We will let you know what process would be needed to make your Request possible and at what price point. In some cases we may be able to offer the recolour price, but in times where we cannot, you are always free to change your mind and not go through with the order.

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Head Moderator

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Posts: 997
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    11th of Feb '18 @ 4:17 PM


Thank a lot for the reply Nati, this i really good to know smile_grin.gif

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