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    2nd of Feb '18 @ 9:46 PM

There are two shopkeepers that seem kinda uncanny... Bob (food) and Greg (frozen treats). They both seem to be the... "discontinued" species from a looooong time ago. If they are, which species are they?

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    2nd of Feb '18 @ 10:42 PM


I actually always thought that the Food Mall NPC was a Makoat and the Frozen Treats NPC was a Sharshel. I never really studied them but I just figured that they were really stylized like a lot of our old art is.

Looking at them closer now, I actually think that the Food Mall NPC is a Deaver (look at that tail)! Also the Frozen Treats NPC could be a Hodra? Looks very close to a Sharshel, but it has wings instead of a shell. So pretty safe bet there.

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