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    31st of Jan '18 @ 7:03 PM

I think we need more animal emote's and some holiday ones - and have you noticed, there isn't just a plain, hey I'm downright happy ole smiley face? All the emotes we have are these! smile_blush.gifsmile_boring.gifsmile_cool.gifsmile_cry.gifsmile_grin.gifsmile_happy.gifsmile_laugh.gifsmile_sad.gifsmile_shock.gifsmile_tongue.gifsmile_unsure.gifsmile_wink.gifsmile_mad.gifsmile_heart.gifsmile_yes.gifsmile_no.gifsmile_angel.gifsmile_devil.gifsmile_ohcrap.gifsmile_meow.gifsmile_geek.gifsmile_ninja.gifsmile_star.gifsmile_yawn.gif why just those? More emotes please!

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    1st of Feb '18 @ 12:20 AM

@Archox I agree - more sweet animal emojis - and holiday ones - and it would be nice to have just a happy smiley face available!

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    1st of Feb '18 @ 2:46 AM

Yes!! Yes to animal emotes!

Yeah, HoliDays too.

"Look around, look around, at how lucky we are to be alive right now!"

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    1st of Feb '18 @ 2:00 PM

Agreed more emotes would be nice.


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    12th of Feb '18 @ 7:31 PM

I would love an alien emote and maybe a four leaf clover emote! Simple designs that could convey a lot!

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