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» Idea for a new site feature.

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    30th of Jan '18 @ 10:27 PM

Ok, here we go, hold onto your hats.

Ok, so this game/feature would allow for new items on a monthly cycle, with new rare items every month that would allow some economy to come back.

So, this game, we’ll call it “Treasure Hunt”. How it works is you go to the start page, click “enter the cave”. Then you are brought to a screen with a little blurb and a timer similar to the one in Piñata Mania for 45 seconds. This happens 4 times, on the 5th click, you exit the cave. Once exiting the cave you have a 25% chance to receive a “key”.

Next, you take the key and try to open an Ice Chest. The ice chest has a 10% chance to award an item. This is where the monthly item cycle comes into place. Every month there will be 5 items, 4 common, and 1 rare. There would be a 22.5% chance to win a common item, and a 10% chance to win the rare item.

Now let’s look at the numbers...25% chance to win a key, 10% to win a prize, 90% chance to win a common prize 10% chance to win the rare. So every “walk through the cave” gives you a (.25*.10) = 2.5% chance to win a prize. Of that, it’s a (.25*.9) = 2.25% chance for it to be rare and .25% chance to get the rare item. Now, the keys would be tradeable, so you can decide, do you want to gamble for a chance at a prize that would win you hundreds of thousands of IP, or maybe even millions? Or sell your keys for a quick buck?


Update: it would be unlimited plays per day so you can farm keys all day.

Also, if you have a gold account, the time wait will go down to 35 seconds, and then you can hack with a UHD to go down to 25 aeconds.

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    30th of Jan '18 @ 10:57 PM

Isn't this kind of like Haunted House except with time limits instead of clicks, plus rotating prizes? Personally, I'd like elements of strategy or skill to be included. There are a lot of "click randomly for a chance to win a random prize" games. Not trying to put you down, by any means, I'd just challenge you to take it a step further -- could you integrate something that might take 45 seconds that would be fun instead of just waiting for the clock to run down?

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    30th of Jan '18 @ 11:04 PM

@Wooziness. Thank you for your concerns!

The thing that would be different between this and haunted house is that you can play unlimited times per day. The reason for all the refreshing/clicking is to make sure you are actually there and paying attention and not just running a bot to farm keys.

(Oh idea, maybe add a captcha before you enter or exit)

And that way you can also do some restocking in between rooms.

@Wooziness for an example of what I’m talking about, please check out the game Then go to Fantasy land, and then the fantasyland courtyard, where you can ride the dark rides and you have a chance to win a key to pull the sword in the stone out.

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    31st of Jan '18 @ 1:44 PM


Hmmm, keys and chests are super fun! I LOVE keys and chests! I hope we can do something involving the keys in the future.

The game itself, though, doesn't excite me. Maybe I'm misunderstanding how you describe it, but it sounds like you basically have to sit there for 3 minutes, and then you're rewarded with a key? Personally, I think I'd get frustrated with that. Just long enough of a timer to get annoying.

But hmm, I bet exploring a cave would be a fun feature in general. I mean, even if it was just slightly modified- say 5 minutes per room, and different chances for events in each room. Maybe a little randomized map, with a random number of rooms, and every five minutes you can move on to a next room. Each room could have an item, a chest, a monster, or some other random event. That sounds kinda neat. I might go mark that down in my list of feature ideas...

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    31st of Jan '18 @ 3:07 PM


The game that I have this based off of, is a MMORPG. Where your avatar rides a ride for 3 minutes. so yes, while its 3 minutes of nothing, its your avatar riding on the ride (think peter pan's flight from WDW).

The catch is, while you're riding, you can't be playing games to earn credits.

This feature would be a little bit different, since we're a web based game, where we would have to find a way to make the time go by (so keys aren't mass produced), because people could have the timer going in a different tab, and restock in another.

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    1st of Feb '18 @ 12:27 AM

@Cowpro Wow, you've given this a lot of thought - and I like how you even made your notes and mapped things out. Very well done! This would be a really fun feature!

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    1st of Feb '18 @ 2:45 AM

I like that idea. But could we battle in the caves instead? smile_ninja.gifsmile_ninja.gifsmile_ninja.gifsmile_ninja.gifsmile_geek.gifsmile_geek.gifsmile_geek.gifsmile_geek.gifsmile_cool.gifsmile_yes.gif

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V e g a n

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    1st of Feb '18 @ 2:45 AM

This sounds awesome smile_heart.gif and well planned. I agree that we don’t just use luck for the game ^^

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