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» Happy Upcoming Valentines All!

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    5th of Feb '18 @ 9:25 AM

This is my first valentines here on Icepets so I am excited.

I don't really celebrate valentines day but my dogs adoption day, 2 years ago on the 13th brought her home. smile_heart.gif

then after valentines is when I usually get my heart themed items on sale smile_wink.gif my fav

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    6th of Feb '18 @ 8:41 AM

@Chapstick What a lovely event to celebrate! Your precious dog's adoption on the 13th...smile_heart.gif

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    6th of Feb '18 @ 6:22 PM

These events are a major time commitment. I was able to do well last year, but I don’t know if I’ll have the same time to do as well this year. Either way, I’m still excited to participate! I was on Team Love last year, but I would be happy to be on either team this year.

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    6th of Feb '18 @ 7:46 PM

Assuming nothing is starting today... as of tomorrow, 1 week until Valentines day!!

If we're lucky, Papa @Judda will release on Friday before the weekend smile_wink.gif

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    6th of Feb '18 @ 8:46 PM

@SunnySparks Yes - but you always do well in the events! I was on Team Love, too. Either is great but I have a smile_devil.gif streak in me, I guess. smile_laugh.gif

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