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» Obtaining certain jars/MPs

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    29th of Jan '18 @ 11:35 PM

So, there are a few colour/species combinations I have my eyes on, and I'd like to know the best way to obtain each one of them.

I really want a Halloween Ridix, a Dreamworld Makoat and possibly an Ancient Makoat too. Do Halloween jars really only restock during October? If I were to buy one from someone right now, how much would it cost (I tried to find out looking at trades, but nearly all of them only say -open to all offers-)? Also, how are Dreamworld jars obtained, and how much are they worth?

I've been restocking at the Snow Jar Igloo, and so far managed to buy a Party Makoat MP and an Evil Makoat MP (they're both in my shop). Do Halloween, Dreamworld and Ancient jars/MPs restock there, or should I be looking somewhere else?

(I know those are a lot of questions, but please bear with me; I'm still getting used to a lot of aspects of the site, lol smile_laugh.gif)


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    30th of Jan '18 @ 8:34 AM

@deboratibi @Nati would be the best to answer about the Dreamworld SJ - but I do know those are rare, and not stocking in user shops. I dream of a Dreamworld Makoat.
Currently, the Halloween SJ is not being stocked either - in user shops or restocking in the Igloo. You can click on Shops at the top of the page and check Shop Searcher for the items you're interested in or even just to compare before pricing stock in your shop.

The Halloween and Christmas SJs both only restock in the Igloo during their respective seasons. And you receive one free Halloween color at the Beauty King in October. Prices are highest in season, of course, and can run anywhere from 500k - 800k. Right now, the lowest price on a Christmas SJ, for example, is 296k. It's supply and demand.

Hope this as helped a little?

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    30th of Jan '18 @ 1:10 PM

Dreamworld SJs and MPs are indeed sold in the Snow Jar Igloo (except for Dreamworld Zephyr MPs, which sell in the Golden Touch). Ancient SJs and MPs are sold in the Plot Store! Have you started the plot yet? If not, I think you can start it by clicking on the shadow pet in the Create a Pet page smile_happy.gif

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    30th of Jan '18 @ 6:10 PM

Thanks @Fearless! Maybe there's hope one day of finding that Dreamworld Makoat MP!

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    30th of Jan '18 @ 11:36 PM


I can confirm what was posted already on this thread! smile_happy.gif

Halloween Morphing Potions and Halloween Snow Jars only restock in the Snow Jar Igloo during the month of October. Right now there are two Halloween Ridix Morphing Potions in Usershops on sale for 375,000 iP! Being out of season, I would personally think that's a fair price to pay for that color.

Dreamworld Morphing Potions and Dreamworld Snow Jars restock year round in the Snow Jar Igloo! So you always have a chance of stumbling across one of those in there. The Dreamworld color was only launched about a year ago, so the value of them is still fluctuating. I've seen people price them anywhere between 600,000 - 800,000 iP. But if a lot of them restock in the SJI and the supply of them increases, the value of them could drop quite a bit.

Ancient Morphing Potions and the Ancient Snow Jar can be bought with Plot Points from the Plot Store! Right now, we have an one plot on site that takes Users about a week or two to get through. Once you finish, you'll have earned 100 Plot Points that you can spend on fun new Items (plus you will have unlocked a fancy new pet as well)! While the plot is the cheapest way to obtain this color, you can also buy these from other Users! There are currently three Ancient Makoat Morphing Potions in User Shops for 499,000 iP!

All these are such gorgeous colors!
I wish you the best of luck finding what you're looking for! smile_wink.gif

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