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» Able to turn off Forum signatures and

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    29th of Jan '18 @ 10:40 AM


This probably sounds mean/anti social, but it's not. Many other places that I"m at, I have the ability to toggle off signatures and special font creations for forums.

There are times I adore seeing people's creativity, and there are times I get a screaming headache from everything moving on the page smile_ohcrap.gif so I toggle off for times my head can't take it, and then toggle back when I can so I can watch all the fun fonts and signatures smile_happy.gif

Could we maybe create a feature like that? I was surprised we didn't have one already under the Forum settings smile_heart.gif

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    29th of Jan '18 @ 9:13 PM


This is a wonderful idea smile_heart.gif I support! All those gifs can really cause a headache.

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    30th of Jan '18 @ 8:10 AM

@CoastPony @Hamchung77 I do agree it would be a common sense option! In fact, sometimes flashing and movement can cause seizures as well, so it would be a great choice to have.

Good idea! smile_heart.gifsmile_heart.gifsmile_heart.gifsmile_heart.gif

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    4th of Feb '18 @ 8:10 PM

As a person who nearly gets seizures from looking at their own avatar, that sounds good!

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    5th of Feb '18 @ 12:43 AM

@Tem_Shop I can understand how these flashing avatars and gifs could trigger a seizure for those prone to them. Having the option to turn them off in the forums signatures makes good sense.

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    6th of Feb '18 @ 4:54 PM

I love this idea smile_happy.gif

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