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    28th of Jan '18 @ 1:15 PM

I loveee the super cute pets!! I also really am hoping to get the Xephyr or Jakrit in the future!! I lovee this game sooo much and its nice that u only have to play games and then you automatically get Ice Points!!! smile_grin.gif


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    28th of Jan '18 @ 3:00 PM

Hey cytris
Yeah the pets are cute.
Welcome to ip

Thanks to @Ebonyinferno for the banner

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    28th of Jan '18 @ 6:11 PM

Hello and welcome! I still haven't gotten a Jakrit myself, but the Xephyr is actually a lot more achievable than I thought when I joined! You can get all it's morphing potions from the shop Golden Touch, and most cost around 400k IP. It sounds like a lot but I was surprised to sit up and notice one day that I had enough, and could get whatever Xephyr I wanted! (then you can use the cheaper snow jars to unlock a bunch of its colours, too)

Have fun around the site!

Here is the node, you who hate change and fear revolution. Keep these two squatting men apart; make them hate, fear, suspect each other. Here is the anlage of the thing you fear. This is the zygote. For here "I have lost my land" is changed; a cell is split and from its splitting grows the thing you hate—"We lost our land." The danger is here, for two men are not as lonely and perplexed as one. And from this first "we" there grows a still more dangerous thing: "I have a little food" plus "I have none." If from this problem the sum is "We have a little food," the thing is on its way, the movement has direction.

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    28th of Jan '18 @ 9:18 PM

Good luck smile_heart.gif and hope you continue to stay here!

"Look around, look around, at how lucky we are to be alive right now"

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    29th of Jan '18 @ 4:14 PM

@Cytris Welcome!

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    30th of Jan '18 @ 1:17 AM

@Cytris Welcome! smile_happy.gif

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    3rd of Feb '18 @ 11:50 PM

Hi, welcome to Icepets! Xephyrs and Jakrit are a little harder to obtain than the other pets, but if you keep playing games and saving up IP, you should be able to get one in no time. smile_happy.gif

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