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    24th of Jan '18 @ 1:57 PM

Hey avvie fans! I updated the avvie guide the other day, but there are still some that don't have solutions...

Anyone have any clues?

Thank you!

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    26th of Jan '18 @ 1:09 AM

@Cowpro OH, THANK you SO MUCH! Hurray!
But no clues to offer on some as yet.
Thanks for updating the list!

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    26th of Jan '18 @ 8:19 AM


The Cuddly collector avatar is obtained by having 25 (I think unique) Cuddly Plushies in your inventory.

The "It wasn't a lie" is having a pet eat 100 cakes (works well with Novyn Volcano Cake). Most people used the cakes used in the avatar.

Also, for the Lucky Rub Avatar, someone earned it by receiving an item from the Scarab Amulet so it might be that.

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    1st of Feb '18 @ 11:51 PM

@Cowpro, I am currently going for the BALLOON POPPER, to 'pop' the balloons I just have to play with them until they break correct?

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    2nd of Feb '18 @ 12:19 AM

Thanks @Cowpro and peeps who contributed to it ! smile_heart.gifsmile_heart.gifsmile_heart.gifsmile_heart.gif

Avatars : 158/181

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