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» I got the Lucky Rub avatar

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    14th of Jan '18 @ 7:46 PM

Hi everyone ~ I got the Lucky Rub avatar today
I noticed the current guide says smile_star.gif NEW SOLUTION UNSURE OF METHOD smile_star.gif

I can not tell you exactly how, but I can give everyone tips on what I know: smile_heart.gif

To newbies the Scarab Amulet is a beauty item that you can use on your pet(s) daily.

* I bought my Scarab Amulet about 3 months ago.
* I did not faithfully "rub" it daily, sometimes I just forgot!
* I used it "rubbed it" on all of my pets in a very random fashion (lol), so not just on 1 pet or my main pet, but on all 4 of my pets.
*Today, I got the Avatar and an Liquid Eyeliner "appeared" in front of my pet (ie in my inventory)

Hope this helps, though my pet still said "How Uninteresting" lol since I had used the Scarab Amulet on him multiple times.

Ok, wow, long post, hope I didn't ramble smile_heart.gif

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    14th of Jan '18 @ 8:44 PM


Congrats! The Liquid Eyeliner is a very pretty item. smile_heart.gif
I got the avatar before it was changed, but perhaps, it unlocks when you receive one of the rare items from rubbing it?

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    14th of Jan '18 @ 9:00 PM

I think you do receive the avatar the first time you receive an item!

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    15th of Jan '18 @ 9:27 AM

Congrats on the fancy new avatar!

I am going to agree with everyone else that you get the avatar when you get one of its exclusive items.

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    22nd of Jan '18 @ 12:48 AM

@quoet199 Wow! CONGRATULATIONS! This is a very sought after avvie! smile_heart.gif

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