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» In what ways do you stay motivated?

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    4th of Jan '18 @ 3:02 PM

It's the new year, and resolutions are in the works.
How do you go about exercise and staying consistent?
Not just physical exercise like working out, but also, exercising skills in order to maintain and to excel (whether it be creative writing, art, planning, etc.)

For the past two months, I've been doing physical therapy for my wrist while still trying to draw and work.
What's helped me the most is pacing myself, knowing limits, and slowly working my way to building up to the goals I have set for myself.

What are you working on and what ways do you stay motivated when pursing them and overcoming plateaus? Do you keep track of progress, or have milestones you work towards for the overall goal?

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    6th of Jan '18 @ 9:10 PM


I start small, hold myself accountable, and keep track of all progress including victories.

I always worked out but not enough as I wanted to, so in October 2016 I did a one month long Burpees Challenge. Day one began with ten burpees and everyday I added five more to the session with a break every Wednesday. What really helped was having a workout buddy who knew how to push me. By the end of the month I went beyond my goal and was able to do 150 burpess in one workout session (thank you crazy workout buddy).

Another instance was following a period where I didn't draw for years. Trying to brush off four years of rust was very difficult so to keep myself motivated and hold myself accountable I entered as many art contest as I can. As my confidence build I picked and choose which contest was worth my time, and then finally I stopped entering contests and became confident enough to do art commissions. Posting all my work in a gallery also helped keep track of my progress and allowed me to revisit and critique myself.

One of my current personal projects is to work on all of my pet's profiles and give them a complete page with character art and stories. Real life obligations get in the way a lot so to prevent myself from burning out I work on them little my little and after each update, no matter how minor they are, I log the update on my page with the date. That way when I log on I can quickly review what I have done and how much time passed between each updates.

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