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» Pinata Explosion!

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    3rd of Jan '18 @ 7:22 PM

Toon Xephyr Pinata 2018Firebreathing Ridix Pinata 2018
Are you struggling to get enough Pinatas from Pinata Mania?

Well, you're in luck! All of the new 2018 Pinatas will be restocking in most NPC Shops as well as being available as Quest Rewards if you're lucky! Get them while you can; they will only be available in these locations until the end of January 15th!

Flying Dovu Pinata 2018Crystal Sharshel Pinata 2018Love Krittle Pinata 2018

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    3rd of Jan '18 @ 7:40 PM

What fantastic news! I just love the Firebreathing Ridix Pinata and would love many more!

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    3rd of Jan '18 @ 8:34 PM

This is great news because I’ve only managed to snag a few from Pinata Mania so far.

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    3rd of Jan '18 @ 9:11 PM

I love this news! I just don't have the time to play Pinata Mania all the time. Woot!

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    4th of Jan '18 @ 12:12 AM

Thank you so much staff! Going through the NPC shops is much easier than winning PM.

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    6th of Jan '18 @ 10:32 AM

Awesome! That the pinatas are stocking the NPC shops is GREAT news for me - I can't figure out Photoshop well enough fast enough to get any decent colored-in drawing to submit to the contest. Sigh.

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    7th of Jan '18 @ 10:28 PM

The pinatas are adorable!


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