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    31st of Dec '17 @ 12:00 PM

Partially Drawn Paint Brush

We're now live! @Quil is livestreaming their awesome art skills on Twitch for the 2018 New Years Colouring Contest image and you're all invited to check it out! Grab your snacks, ready your questions, and come chat with us for the next hour and a half!

See you there!

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    31st of Dec '17 @ 12:46 PM

Thank you so much, you are amazing! This is my first time watching an IcePet creation come to life!

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    31st of Dec '17 @ 1:30 PM

I couldn’t stay the entire time unfortunately, but it was really cool to watch @Quil do her magic.

And as a bonus, I unlocked another avatar.

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    31st of Dec '17 @ 2:15 PM

Thank you @Quil, that was awsome!


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    31st of Dec '17 @ 2:17 PM

Thanks for coming, everyone! smile_grin.gif
It's a lot of fun to chat with everyone while working on IcePets art, so I really appreciate everyone who stopped by!

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    31st of Dec '17 @ 4:06 PM

@Quil Sorry I missed this - I kept checking You Tube!

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    31st of Dec '17 @ 10:40 PM

The live stream is now up on YouTube smile_happy.gif

Thank you @Quil for being such an amazing host!

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    1st of Jan '18 @ 12:04 AM

A little late but it was really neat to see one of Icepets’ artists working on their art...if only for a little while. Was quite fun!

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