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» Lahja - the bug that can't be squished

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    26th of Dec '17 @ 1:16 PM

So, because I have a small screen and cause I want to do things faster, ie not have to repeatedly scroll down all the time, I block images from displaying.

(Also a fair few avatars contain flashing images so those are blocked for that reason too)

And Lahja is a big image so I opt to have it blocked in my filter;



When initially blocked on the page, it disappears, but as soon as I click back onto the page, its appearing again, even though it's in the filter as being blocked.

Like just, why is it the only blocked image that keeps reappearing over and over again?

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    26th of Dec '17 @ 4:03 PM


Unfortunately, I don't think that's something we'll be able to help you with. That seems like it's more of an issue with your filter, since Lahja is on a static URL like all of our other images. We don't know enough about your filtering program/add-on/feature to be able to fix that.

My only suggestions would be to try a different filtering option/add-on or maybe trying to filter any URL with "lahja" in it? That might catch it.

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Posts: 3187
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    26th of Dec '17 @ 4:45 PM

The filter is Adblock Plus, if that helps?

Everything else that I've blocked here, ie flashing images, has remained blocked. Which is why its kinda weird that this image won't go off and stay off X3

But then again, Krittle is a bit like a cockroach, and what's that saying about cockroaches surviving anything? XD

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    8th of Jan '18 @ 5:57 AM

Since this isn't actually a bug with IcePets, I'm going to close this thread.

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