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» Merry Christmas!

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    25th of Dec '17 @ 12:00 AM


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Wow, is it the 25th already? I can't believe it! And what a wonderful holiday season it's been. Everyone has been more helpful than I could have ever imagined. I simply have to thank you all for everything you've done to help me see this dream come true. There's been so much cheer, giving, and connection, I don't want it to end!

First, I want to personally thank every person who helped out to bring this holiday season to life. You'll find a special something waiting for you, even if you only had time to help a little bit -- I so dearly appreciate you lending some of that time to my tasks. For those of you who went above and beyond, I've added a few extra thank-yous to show how much this has meant to me.

Festive Gift BoxGet Well Soon Gift BoxCongratulations Gift Box

I have to say, my favourite part of the whole thing was seeing how much a gift can light up someone's face. Every time I watched a gift getting delivered, the pure joy it brought gave me so much warm fuzzies. I got to thinking how much I would love to see this gift-giving spirit continue year round.

The other big news is so exciting, I've been bursting to tell you. Just wait 'til you hear! I’m opening an official Gifting Centre! You can visit any time throughout the year and I’ll personally help you set up Gift Boxes to send out. You can schedule gifts, send gifts anonymously, swap gifts, whatever you like. I have a ton of Gift Boxes to choose from!

I've spoken with Yogi -- you know, over at the Post Office -- about stocking some Gift Box Items. We've set up an arrangement, and from now on, you'll be able to pick up Gift Boxes from him as well, which you can pack and personalize! Then you can bring them to me at the Gifting Centre, and I'll hand-deliver them!

Polka Dot Gift BoxLace Gift BoxSky Gift Box

Oh, I can't wait to see the joy this will bring. I think, out of all the ideas I've had and tried, I've finally found my calling. My friends were right! Thank you again for helping me realize this dream, and I'm determined to continue it as a permanent feature here in Terrafrost!

Happy holidays, everyone!

Christmas Banner

Holiday Tree

Have you been excited to see what's under your Holiday Tree? Well, it's time to start opening those presents! You can visit your Holiday Tree to open all of your available presents. There's no rush, you can open these at any time during the next year.

Christmas Banner

Festive Gift BoxHow to Decorate a Christmas TreeFestive Gift Box

Don't miss out on our Happy Holidays Picture Giveaway! You have the rest of today to participate and earn an extra present this year! Remember, all you have to do is post a picture of yourself, a pet, or stuffed animal, with a sign that includes 'Happy Holidays' and your Username so we know it's you. When you post your picture, remember to ping @Nati so she can send out your gift.

Christmas Banner

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    25th of Dec '17 @ 12:12 AM

@Judda WOW! I've been truly blown away by the festivities on IcePets this year! I won't ruin the enjoyment of surprises for others, but I just want to say I'm still shrieking with happiness and excitement! Thank you IcePets, thank you Lahja!!


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    25th of Dec '17 @ 12:24 AM

Thank you Icepets for such a great holiday!


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    25th of Dec '17 @ 12:48 AM

merry christmas everyone! It's a lovely season! smile_happy.gif

and thank you very much for the gifts! smile_heart.gifsmile_heart.gif
@k_liandra @ Nicanor @Nana @SpunkiSpirou @Megrim @deaana @Lokki @Mongolou @Nikon @quoet199 @RiverStarr @Splash @brokenribbon @Elkgrace @Froslass513 @Gifted @gravity172 @Hellanbach @irissa @Iuone @JaniceRuth @jirachi100 @knoka @Linpro235 @mochihugs @mortiest @Naiche @NannyNanny @peridxt @RaichuGirl @Rayquaza @Spit @SunnySparks @Tetsam @whereisthend

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    25th of Dec '17 @ 12:51 AM

@wheresmydog MERRY CHRISTMAS to you, too! And you're quite welcome! Thank YOU in return, my friend!

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    25th of Dec '17 @ 2:04 AM

What a great idea Lahja! Those boxes are so pretty. Wish I had them IRL.

A Merry Christmas to all!

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    25th of Dec '17 @ 4:38 AM

Merry Christmas @wheresmydog smile_heart.gif

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    25th of Dec '17 @ 7:21 AM

Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays everybody! smile_heart.gif

@wheresmydog Feliz Natal!

The Gifting Centre is already one of my favorite features. Great idea. smile_yes.gif

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    25th of Dec '17 @ 7:43 AM

Merry Christmas and thank you IcePets for all the amazing holiday gifts and activities and to everyone that sent me gifts

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    25th of Dec '17 @ 8:01 AM

Whoever decided to create the Rainbow Skin with that Plushie is officially the new love of my life. It's pure perfection. I can't even. I am crying. WEEEE!

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    25th of Dec '17 @ 8:32 AM

hello Icepets friends... merry christmas everyone!
Special thanks to the people that gave me gifs:
@Kirsty @Lokki @wirehangers @quoet199 @deaana @Gnelmik @Cowpro @wheresmydog @whereisthend @Paulag1706 @Megrim @Pyro @mortiest @SunnySparks @Tradgoedia @RiverStarr @Jormungander @mochihugs @Gladion @gravity172 @Chapstick @Mongolou @Histayra @Naiche @Froslass513

If I missed someone I apologize.

ps: it was my first christmas here. Thank you so much smile_happy.gifsmile_happy.gifsmile_happy.gif

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    25th of Dec '17 @ 8:37 AM

Happy Holidays everyone!

Thank you so much to everyone that sent me a gift, all the morphing potions, collection items, tokens, etc! I couldn’t ask to be part of a better community.

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    25th of Dec '17 @ 9:33 AM

Thank you so much all, love the gidts and holiday cheer, I'm glad everyone that I gave gifts are having a great day, as well enjoying some much needed rest and relaxation.

Happy holidays, merry Christmas, seasons greetings, and to all cultures out there in the world. I bit you all a great day and hopefully a happy one as well.

Cobron,Makoat,Ori,Traptor Lover

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    25th of Dec '17 @ 9:46 AM

@k_liandra You're most welcome! Hope you enjoyed your first Christmas on IcePets! The festivities are so exciting, aren't they?!
HAPPY CHRISTMAS DAYsmile_heart.gif

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    25th of Dec '17 @ 10:51 AM

This is my first Christmas here as well,thanks all so much for all the love and help in my first year here!
I want to thank to everyone who helped me and talked to me and became friends with me!
Hope you have an amazing Christmas and happy New Year! smile_angel.gifsmile_angel.gifsmile_angel.gif

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    25th of Dec '17 @ 1:41 PM

@wheresmydog merry christmas!

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    25th of Dec '17 @ 2:00 PM

Merry Christmas IcePets and all Terrafrostians smile_heart.gif

The Gifting Centre open year long is a fantastic addition to this already generous community!
EDIT: I just saw Yogi at the Post Office and saw these gorgeous new additions in person ~ Birthday Gift Box, Get Well Soon Gift Box, Lace Gift Box, Polka Dot Box (I bought them ALL)

I would like to thank everyone for the unbelievable gifts I received!

(I haven't opened everything yet, but Rykia is so very happy with all the missing plushies she has received)

Trading for Missing Plushies See my Profile

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    26th of Dec '17 @ 5:20 PM

@quoet199 Lahja's Gift Center is AWESOME, isn't it?!
Have a happy and joyful New Year!smile_heart.gif

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    27th of Dec '17 @ 2:55 AM

Wow what a great idea to add this to the site

Thanks smile_heart.gif !

Avatars : 189/210
V e g a n

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