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» "Subscribe to" Threads Idea

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    18th of Dec '17 @ 12:58 PM

Because not every player knows they must use the @ symbol to "ping" someone and give them a notification of their reply in a thread, some people don't know that their thread has been posted in. As @Lokki mentioned, this was discouraging to them as a newbie to the site, because it seemed like their introduction post didn't get any replies.

So my suggestion is for the site to have a "subscribe to"/"follow" threads feature. This would make it so we could receive notifications when one of the threads we care about is posted in. The default option would be to subscribe to threads you created, so newbies would know when their introduction threads have new posts.

I think this is one thing that would improve the functionality of the forums and encourage more activity.

Happy Holidays

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    18th of Dec '17 @ 4:18 PM

@Bassinet is so right on with this idea! It's vital that new members feel welcome and that their Introductions are acknowledged!

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    7th of Jan '18 @ 2:14 AM

I love this


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    9th of Jan '18 @ 3:26 PM

This is a fantastic idea!

MOTM 02/02/18

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    20th of Mar '18 @ 4:57 PM

Bumping this for visibility. The @ feature is useful but I'd rather just automatically get alerts when people reply to my tread.

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