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» Chapstick Doodle Collection

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Pet Ego Boost
Mema No Votes
Izzree  33% 1 vote
Warbler  33% 1 vote
Bloodthirsty   33% 1 vote
NONE! Bwahaha No Votes


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    16th of Dec '17 @ 4:09 PM Voted for Izzree

Today I took a little time for myself and my sketchbook and sat at the cafe for a while nursing my coffee and making a scene (long story short, i got a love snow jar and I may or may not have squealed in delight when I logged on) and I thought, why not make a thread collecting my doodles instead of throwing away the sketchs on scratch paper or just flipping to a new page of my sketch book and not looking back. I may not be able to do a doodle a day but this way maybe I can see my own progress and learn?

*In advance I apologize for my horrible cellphone camera. I will try and scan some pictures.

So sit back, relax and enjoy my crazy collection and feel free to comment, give advice and ask questions.


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Posts: 49
Avatars: 26/213

    18th of Dec '17 @ 10:01 PM Voted for Bloodthirsty

Hi Chapstick,

I'm looking forward to seeing your doodles. I love your style.

Placing a vote for Bloodthirsty. I really like how you draw his facial expressions and body language.


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    19th of Dec '17 @ 4:07 PM Voted for Warbler

I’m excited to see your doodles! I love seeing people’s unique and different styles.

Voting for Warbler... I wonder why?

~ Call me Frossy ~

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Posts: 108
Avatars: 29/213

    28th of Dec '17 @ 10:16 AM Voted for Izzree


I am still fighting with my phone and getting the images to not stretch the page to the high heavens.

Probably would just be easier to have a sketch night on my computer and post those. smile_heart.gifsmile_heart.gif

Poor Izz needs a boost.

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    29th of Dec '17 @ 12:07 AM Hasnt voted yet!


You can easily change the size of your images here by posting “width=500” so that they don’t stretch the boards! If you ever need help with it, just ping me and we’ll get it taken care of!

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Posts: 108
Avatars: 29/213

    7th of Jan '18 @ 11:31 PM Voted for Izzree

Come know you want to.
(I don't like how she looks this tall)
Scardy cat is afraid of even standing
SIGH - little drama Dabu smile_heart.gif

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