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    15th of Dec '17 @ 7:26 PM

EDIT: I realize I posted this with an old account forever ago and the thread was locked. I totally forgot! I am still totally interested in re-doing this, so I'm obvi going to leave this up.

Hey! Call me Niddie~


1.) Please follow all Icepets rules.
2.) Start an introduction with your name/what we should call you, your character info (if you want) and powers, so as to not to copy taken abilities.
3.) You must be at least Semi-Lit/Lit/Advanced pleased.
4.) You must post a reply of 350 characters or more, NOTHING LESS, due to Icepets rules.
5.) YOU CAN BE A HUMAN! You do not have to play a gifted living in the destroyed town (we'll give it a name later). If you are human, however, you WILL be playing within' the human city (name it later too), but you can perchance interact with gifteds...if you can slip past the soldiers... smile_wink.gif


Over the years, and throughout centuries, humans and gifted have fought for control, fought for superiority, fought for equality, and more. However, it seems that each side is too bent on taking all control. There is no in-between... So much so, that the humans had decided to move. Move to a new city, and destroy the old one.
Get rid of the trouble, and keep the monsters out of their new, clean city.
This is where the 'gifteds' are now, years later. In a broken down, ruined city... There was nothing more than broken buildings, and tons of shrubbery overrunning said ruins. Some buildings have lasted through the years since the city had been destroyed, but not most.
Gifted people from all around have found this place, either as a sort of refuge or on accident and have joined The Power. The Power is starting to move; move against the humans and their so-called perfect city. It's time to take back their control and show the Humans just who they're dealing with...


Gifted' City: Broken down, destroyed crumbling ruins. There are foliage and running water. Trees are in abundance after the destruction and many have begun to take over the grounds with their roots. There is a small spring, seemingly out of a fairy-tale at the very edge of the city, stuck within the crack of a wall. It is run over by foliage, sunlight/moonlight peering through the broken top of its concrete prison.
There are many lookouts planted throughout the city, looking for coming on attacks, or rouges throughout the city, to be reported.

Human City: A 'perfect' society, full of non-corrupt humans who have rebuilt their society from scratch. The buildings are tall, and the homes are safe...
Unlike the 'other' city, there is a wall around it, to protect it in case of attack. They have soldiers who patrol the city, to make sure there are no 'monsters' or 'infected' within the city walls. They do so by scanning retinas. They found, through the years, that the eyes really are the window the soul...and in this case, the window to whether or not you're human.


((Sorry for the plot and setting, I did this as an in-the-moment type thing... x3
I'll be telling you guys more about my character(s) through the intro and as the Rp progresses.
However, their power is darkness, or to control/manipulate shadows...
There are many parts to their powers. Example: A Blot. A blot is a pool/shroud/bubble of darkness and shadow that traps whatever is inside it.
It can be manipulated by the one who created it freely. The ones stuck inside cannot move. It's like a black jelly/goop...(ew)
That was an example...there is much, much more to them.
Their names are Rei & Kuro. Just to make it clear, Kuro hides in Rei's shadow most of the time. He is not always exposed or shown. Though, he is not always with Rei either.))


It was entering dawn and has been on top of a roof the whole night kind of takes a lot of out of you... The 7 foot 5 tall male crouched down on top the building, shielding his eye from the coming sun. He begrudgingly moved from his position, without a thought, dropping off the top of the 4 story building. It wasn't much to him, if not anything. He's dropped from much higher heights before...
When he landed, there was a devastating boom throughout the empty silence of the ruins, and dust particles filled the air around him.
As he stood, he cracked his back and shoulders due to the shock of the impact. Cracking his neck... Man was he soar. Rei's eyes scanned the surrounding area, to see if there happened to be any others around. The ruins provided a sort of home to everyone, so it was a like a neighborhood where everyone knew each other, but not everyone liked each other... Kuro didn't exactly have the best rap sheet with anyone... His black clothes mixed well with his black soul... The quiet sound of dripping water and a whispering breeze was nice... The tiny bits of sunlight that poked through the ceiling glittered on the water of the small spring, creating a small smile on the face of the male sitting just a few inches from it.
This was like his haven. His calm place. It was where he went to cool down, and relax when flustered...
It could be everybody's, if everyone could fit. The crack was big enough for a small child, or a shadow creature to fit through...
He took a deep breath, his green eye watching the small area closely. The shadows danced within' the space around him, making him feel surrounded by comfort. Though he did not much like it, he took comfort in the darkness... In the night, and in shadows. Rei was nothing like Kuro. He didn't often embrace the darkness that of which he had come to know so well. Sometimes, however, it was the only thing he could take comfort in... Rei was much nicer than Kuro. And only standing at 6'8", he wasn't as scary compared to the darker male.
He did sometimes have his 'Kuro' moments, though; only if he got angry enough.

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