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» Christmas 2017 - Feedback Thread

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    12th of Dec '17 @ 12:59 AM

Posting this now as I will have a busy couple of days ahead. That also means that half of the event is not over yet, so some of this has the chance of becoming false in the future!

I think that the best way of helping out a site we all love is honest feedback so I decided to create this thread for all of us c: What did you guys like? What didn't you like as much?

- I am super happy to see that @mochihugs is apparently settling in well in their new position as Item Artist. Of course I don't know what was drawn by whom, but I liked a vast majority of the new Items so far. Good job!

- Item Descriptions so far have been top notch. Seriously, I laughed so hard on some of them.

- The implementation of Lahja and their event was a great new addition! Buuut that also leads me to...

- The huge missed potential in Lahja's Event. The first week of tasks was interesting and diverse. While I didn't like some of the tasks, that's entirely personal. Having something you can do each day was a great idea, especially because the tasks were quick and fun to do. I was extremely disappointed to see the same tasks just made harder and repeated in the same order after just eight days. There were so many more things that could've been used to make it more diverse. (again, there are still two weeks of the event and I don't know what's around the corner!)

- The lackluster prizes for Lahja thus far. The fact that there have already been THREE duplicates in just twelve days literally hurts my soul. There were so many old event Items that could've been brought back if the intention was to not create too many new Items. It just feels terribly unrewarding to complete a task and just... get the Item you already got less than a week ago.

- The setup for Lahja seemed a bit... confusing. The newspost announcing Lahja seemed to me like a teaser, hinting at Lahja appearing in a couple of days. If I hadn't checked the Arcade just in case, I would've missed at least one day. This might also be a personal thing though, maybe I just misunderstood.
What really bothers me though is the fact that many people, even staff members (, thought that missed days could just be redone later and hence missed out on a couple of days and their prizes. To me, it's absolute nonsense that we have a cash item for missed advent days, but not for missed Lahja days and it seems like a huge oversight on staff's part.

I really hope that I'm not stepping on anybody's toes with this as it's clearly not my intention. I just feel like collective feedback can help improve upcoming events :3

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    12th of Dec '17 @ 1:19 PM

Hmmm~ This is my first event so I do 't have a lot to go on, and admittedly I'm also several days behind everyone else, but I love the idea of this event. Pushing people to use some of the site's lesser-used features, with pretty cute rewards. I haven't hit the duplicates yet, but I'm sure they're coming. I agree it would have been cool to see some of the 'vintage' Christmas items make an appearance.

I think Lahja herself is super cute (admittedly I have a serious bias toward Krittles...), and I have to say overall her design, the color and linework, really well done. Great expression. Idk if @mochihugs drew it but to whoever did, awesome job. smile_heart.gif

I realize the Christmas tree is a regular occurence but I'll add that I really do enjoy the feature, though I have noticed especially w/ newer people like me, it is easy to overlook, but that could just be me being dumb for not realizing it would be in the Games tab as opposed to something I could do through my inventory like the 'give' feature.

Seeing these fun events makes me really want to get involved and push these ideas to the next level, though I'm still figuring out my footing here so it'll be a bit haha.

Back to Lahja for a quick afterthought, I think it would have helped to have it explicitly stated that each task can only be active for so long, I had been under the impression that the task stayed active until complete. Again this might just be me being dumb, though.

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    12th of Dec '17 @ 7:23 PM

@Iuone No, it isn't your being "dumb" - until others mentioned it, I didn't know the Lahja events had a time limit, either! Like the Collector's quest I guess. Some times I have to play some games quickly to get some ice points to finish the task for the day. smile_unsure.gif

Overall, though, I'm quite pleased with the events and the gifts - I don't mind duplicates because I can share them among my IcePets - and I notice many are putting Advent and Lahja items in their User Shops. Personally, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for another Glacia Snow Globe!!!!!!

And to see what the BIG gifts are at the completion of the Advent and Lahja festivities, I don't mind doing similar tasks made a little long as these are kept achievable for people like me who struggle for ip. HERE'S HOPING for THAT!

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    12th of Dec '17 @ 7:48 PM

I'm going to agree on the duplicate tasks and prizes.

There are lots of things to do on IP, and some of the tasks I feel are not only repetitive but spammy - I have been away so long that most of the people I used to talk to have either stopped playing or I no longer know so do not really feel particularly comfortable having to message people numerous times. I feel like I am bothering them. And as some of them don't reply, it means that I have to actually message even more people instead of simply having a five message conversation with one person.

I would have loved to have seen some game tasks and as you mentioned above, the event isn't over so many that will pop up later, which I really hope, but so far I cringe when I see another "message users" activity pop up.

Also the prizes...I was really hoping for a more diverse mix, even if they weren't new prizes - I missed the entirety of last year's Advent calendar, so seeing prizes from it would be awesome, rather than items like the gold token which I can just get myself for example.

Overall, I do love the set up - the whole, having to do something every day to get a prize thing. I just wish it was a little more diverse in both what it was asking us to do, and what we were getting as a reward.

Also want to say the art for Lahja is super cute!

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    13th of Dec '17 @ 7:33 AM

I look forward to Christmas on Icepets every year. It seems that there is always something new and that helps spice up the site.

For me, I love Lahja. Sure, I'm not the most talkative person most of the time but it adds a new thing to do throughout the day. My only concern here is about the duplicate prizes. I am one of those people that likes collecting Advent items and basically any holiday items that are new. I also like being able to complete my collections which usually means having to buy from other users. So, the issue isn't really that the items are duplicated but it would have been nice had there been a teaser of some sort that stated there could be multiple prizes during the event. I bought an item from someone because I thought I wouldn't be able to get another. I like how older items were re-released but I didn't get the feeling of excitement from receiving these.

Overall, I love everything about the Christmas season here.

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    13th of Dec '17 @ 7:05 PM

@RiverStarr Yes, and I haven't nor would I give up playing the Helping Lahja because I'm curious as to the gift at the end of it, just like with completing the Advent.

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    15th of Dec '17 @ 9:05 PM

Thanks for the feedback. The tasks were specifically chosen because they all relate to spreading holiday joy with other people. I understand your points of frustration and can see how more variety of the tasks and rewards would make for an even better event in the future. We will keep all your points in mind! Feedback is so important, and I welcome more people to post.

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