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Staff Manager

Posts: 4652
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    24th of Nov '17 @ 1:33 PM

Black Friday is here! This means IcePets is offering some sweet deals!

Black Friday Avatar

From November 24th to November 27th 23:59 you can take advantage of the following discounts:

Black Friday Golden Touch Deal

Golden Touch will be having a 25% sale on all items!

Black Friday IceCash Deal

All IceCash puchases com with a 50% bonus and double the Treasure Chests, if applicable.

Account Upgrade: 6 MonthsAccount Upgrade: 12 Months

Buying a 6 or 12 month Account Upgrade will grant you 1 or 2 free Account Upgrade: 1 Month, respectively!

Hidden Avatar RequesterItem Bundle RequesterPet Requester

Finally, all Requests have been discounted!. To find out more about them, check the Requests Page.

Information about these deals can be found here. Remember: these discounts are only available until November 27th at 23:59, so get what you want before they're gone!

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Posts: 443
Avatars: 179/219

    24th of Nov '17 @ 1:37 PM

yeah! I get my avatar and I bought some items in the Golden Touch.

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Posts: 109
Avatars: 29/219

    24th of Nov '17 @ 1:56 PM

Tempting. Some great deals there.

Happy Holidays

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    24th of Nov '17 @ 2:11 PM

Finally got my long wanted Black Friday Avatar - and wish I could take advantage of some of the great deals in Golden Touch, but am saving for a certain costly snow jar.

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Posts: 2262
Avatars: 120/219

    24th of Nov '17 @ 2:17 PM

Time to beg my mom for a request! *starts drawing in Photoshop* Also, I found a typo: "com" instead of "come."

Socially inept chicken nugget

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Posts: 95
Avatars: 39/219

    24th of Nov '17 @ 4:59 PM

I was waiting for these sweet deals again. Thank you!

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Posts: 3400
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Posts: 3163
Avatars: 201/219

    24th of Nov '17 @ 6:07 PM

These deals are very tempting! I might have to take advantage of the Golden Touch discount and do some work on my collections.

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Posts: 3217
Avatars: 154/219

    24th of Nov '17 @ 6:31 PM

When the deals end on the 27th and you don't get paid until the 28th....

....but then remember that you're +5 hours ahead of IcePets.

Hmmm.... Might just get them.

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