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Baby Christmas IcePets?

    20th of Nov '17 @ 9:42 PM Hasnt voted yet!

I'd smile_heart.gif to see Baby Christmas Pets, also. There's one particular IcePet I have who all the baby colors seem to glow on him - and I just had the thought of BABY CHRISTMAS COLORS! There could be a Baby Christmas Snow Jar for those. So what does everyone think?

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Posts: 1874
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    27th of Nov '17 @ 8:10 PM Hasnt voted yet!

Awwhhh this would be an adorable new Christmas theme smile_happy.gifsmile_heart.gif I LOVE the idea since we already have Christmas colours now for all the species available. Plus nothing cuter than babies on Christmas morning diving into the presents and their stockings smile_grin.gif

It's a Yes from me! smile_yes.gif

<<BUYING It's from the Raffle Scratchcards. Please contact me if you have it for sale!!! I'm desperate, it's the last stamp in my album.

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    1st of Dec '17 @ 9:47 AM Hasnt voted yet!

I am probably one of the only "humbugs" around but I would rather see something like Baby New Year or a chibi version in a gift box.

But that's just me, though if the babies had little gingerbread men or a tiny sleigh or dressed as a poorly made up reindeer that would be cute too.

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    1st of Dec '17 @ 1:20 PM Hasnt voted yet!

@Chapstick OH THAT'S AN ADORABLE IDEA! Chibis are SOOOOO cute and the popping out of a present idea is also cute! ALL great IDEAS! A Happy Holiday nonetheless my friend! (Halloween is my personal favorite smile_happy.gif)

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Posts: 2166
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