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» Moar IcePets Fanart (And Question)

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    19th of Nov '17 @ 9:20 PM

Hello again. My last topic here was mainly centered around one specific fanart picture so I want to keep it a little more open this time ;D I'll post more when I get another itch for IcePets pics. Please copy-paste for a larger size. I can't seem to get the links working...

Pic 1: Nothing too special. Just some quick doodles I colored on my phone.

Pic 2: A pink Shashel that I did after being suggested to draw one.

For older stuff look here:

And finally, how would you all feel if I did commissions in exchange for IcePets items? It wouldn't have to be IcePets related either. I can also provide more examples. Thank you in advance for any input.

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    19th of Nov '17 @ 10:27 PM

Wow, that pink Sharshell is AMAZING! I love it! It almost looks 3D! I'd love to see more of your art!

MOTM 02/02/18

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    20th of Nov '17 @ 12:16 AM

I'm amazed that you actually DID end up drawing a Sharshel! It looks absolutely amazing c: Can't wait to see more of your art in here!

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    20th of Nov '17 @ 10:57 AM

Thank you both. And if anyone has any suggestions (like custom IcePets smile_wink.gif ) I'll doodle them.

Edit: Here's a WIP. This time I didn't do a sketch and went straight to painting. It's kind of hard, but good practice for this technique.

The picture is still not fitting properly, but whatevs XD
Edit #2 Okay even that WIP is really outdated now. I fixed the head shape.

Okay here it is:


Comparable with this from earlier in the year:

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