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    15th of Nov '17 @ 2:17 PM

Just curious, does anyone here play? I play the 5e version and I'm in the middle of two campaigns. One my husband DMs and the other, a friend of ours DMs. And our friend has completely made up his campaign just for us!

in one, I'm a Half-elf warlock, and the other I'm a forest gnome rogue.

Tell me about your characters if you play!

MOTM 02/02/18

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    15th of Nov '17 @ 10:04 PM

I’ve never played before, but I must admit, after watching Stranger Things I’ve been a little curious as to what it’s all about!

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    16th of Nov '17 @ 2:20 PM

I played a Ranger Elf!

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    20th of Nov '17 @ 9:26 AM

Half-orc named Crux Mux
also 5e.

Crux is an ex-slave and trying to find his name in the world, but during his questing fell in love with the leader of a bandit game (my DM was not expecting that) but now he is chasing her across the land and trying to find a special plant for a love potion so she will love him back. But she sent him a note in our last campaign because Crux let the bandit leader escape and she is grateful. There is love blooming.

Also Crux is so very daft and stupid. Our ranger in the group has a wolf that my orc thinks is imaginary. Its so fun.

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    1st of Jan '18 @ 7:22 PM

Don't play yet but I'm trying to get into it!

Imma make a deal with the bad wolf so the bad wolf don't bite no more ~

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