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» When Inventory is full, option to move the item to storage? 

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    15th of Nov '17 @ 9:43 AM


So my inventory is full and rather annoyingly, the only option it gives me is to place the item in my shop.

Could there be an option to place it in storage?


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    15th of Nov '17 @ 2:47 PM

If you're clicked on your inventory as a whole, there's a button at the top that says "Add to Storage" to let you organize a bunch of items into your storage at once.

Is that what you mean? Or are you suggesting it on each individual item to move them one at a time?

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    16th of Nov '17 @ 1:07 PM

@Read That is super helpful, hadn't noticed that! smile_ohcrap.gif

But maybe even individually would help too. smile_happy.gif

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