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    30th of Oct '17 @ 5:59 PM

Empty Halloween Treat Bag

Soon, October 2017 will come to its final rest. When this month meets its end, all of the Halloween events will as well!


The winners of the IcePet's Item IRL Contest will soon be announced! If you haven't already, please take a few moments to visit the voting page and cast your vote. The artisans of Terrafrost have made some truly stunning work, so drop by and take a gander!


The voting page will close on October 31st, and the results will be announced on November 1st. Remember, do not ask others to vote for your work, as that is grounds for disqualification.


It won't be long until the Blob event wraps up! Grave Digger and Trick-or-Treat will also be fading into the darkness. If you need that last push for that spot on the Leaderboard, you'd best be quick!


The Halloween events will end and all prizes for the Blob event will be distributed on November 1st.


We hope that everyone has had a wonderful October! This Halloween, whether or not you're staying in or heading out, stay safe and have fun!


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    30th of Oct '17 @ 6:10 PM

It was my first Halloween event here at Icepets.
I had so much fun. I liked that there were so many simultaneous events.
I would like to congratulate the Staff for their great work.
Thank you so much smile_wink.gif

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    30th of Oct '17 @ 8:05 PM

I wanted to take a moment to thank the entire staff for the Halloween festivities!!! This has been a very fun event and month smile_happy.gif and it must've taken time to plot, plan, and draw for... I really appreciate what I suspect was a monumental effort behind the scenes smile_heart.gif

Thank you!!!!

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    31st of Oct '17 @ 12:25 AM

Thank you so much for your hard work smile_heart.gifsmile_heart.gif


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    31st of Oct '17 @ 11:38 AM

There was a lot going on this month so I am sad to see it go. But I am happy to see things go back to normal also.

It seems like a lot of work went into all the events so thank you for that!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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    31st of Oct '17 @ 5:23 PM

I probably won't win the contest, but I really wanted an excuse to be creative :3 Such a shame, though, that October is already over. I couldn't fill a single treat bag... Still excited to see the results of the event tomorrow! smile_laugh.gif

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