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Staff Manager

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    20th of Oct '17 @ 6:23 AM

Today is October 20th and you know what that means...

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It's the site's anniversary!

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IcePets is 8 years old today, and there are several ways to celebrate!

Ancient Dabu

Firstly, you can commemorate it by obtaining the brand new Ancient Dabu!

Ancient Dabu Morphing Potion

The Ancient Dabu Morphing Potion can be found on the Plot Store, or bought from the I.C.E Shop.

Scarab Amulet

Secondly, the Scarab Amulet has returned to the I.C.E Shop for a limited time!

Account Upgrade: 6 MonthsAccount Upgrade: 12 Months

Thirdly, you will receive extra Gold Account Months when buying either 6 or 12 month Gold Accounts!

Item Requester TrophyItem Bundle Requester TrophyHidden Avatar Requester Trophy

And last but certainly not least, you will have discounts when submitting Requests!

The Scarab Amulet, and the Gold Account and Requests opportunities will only be available from October 20th to October 23rd.

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Slimy Ducky

On unrelated news, thanks to your efforts, the Blob has let Cecie go! Phew! Wasn't that stressful?

However, rumours echo that the Blob is not really gone, so you might want to search where its new Trick or Treating spot is. Good luck!

Oh, and if you helped Cecie, you probably should check if she is alright.

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    20th of Oct '17 @ 8:28 AM

Happy Anniversary! Happy Halloween! And I'm excited for members
with everything that's new or has returned in the IceShop! The Blob *GASP* has been SOMETHING to deal with! Fun, though! Thanks for making this Halloween the BEST yet!

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    20th of Oct '17 @ 8:28 AM

Scarab Amulet what is it... and what it do thank you

Team Red Dovu

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    20th of Oct '17 @ 9:04 AM

I am so happy that Cecie has returned!

Happy anniversary Icepets!

"Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game."

Buying your Christmas Ridix Plush and Christmas Xephyr Plush - Message me

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    20th of Oct '17 @ 10:37 AM

Happy anniversay IcePets!
Love the Ancient Dabu.

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    20th of Oct '17 @ 11:15 AM

Happy anniversary, IcePets! Judda, you're doing a great job. smile_heart.gif
Those extra gold accounts and discounted requests are amazing. I kind of want to submit an item request now. Hm hm!
The Scarab Amulet making a return is a nice addition as well. I'm glad it's only for a few days but I hope a few people who want them are able to get their hands on them.

I think a layer may be missing from the Ancient Dabu? The rocks around it have little to no shading/depth despite the Morphing Potion having it and all of the other Ancient Pets as well. I think maybe that layer was missed during saving the files? It's a shame because it looks amazing, otherwise!
It's a shame Dabus don't have a lot of darker accent shadings, because all of the Ancient Pets look so nice with their darker-coloured brown. The Dabu could only really have it on the tail tip and inside of ears, which you can't really see. Still a cute pet. :3 Nice have an official Ancient Dabu colour to match Cecie.

Also I'm glad to see that the Blob is still around! I was a little confused about the conclusion of that 'fight', but now I see that it wasn't a full conclusion. Hmm!
What did everyone get from their first round of treating the Blob?

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    20th of Oct '17 @ 1:29 PM

Yayyy Happy 8th Anniversary IcePets!! \o/

We smile_heart.gif You!!

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    20th of Oct '17 @ 2:52 PM

Happy anniversary, Icepets! smile_star.gif Can't believe it's been 8 years already!

Glad to see the Scarab Amulet making a temporary reappearance in the ICE Shop =)

I like the new Dabu color. It looks so lively and slightly crazy smile_laugh.gif However, I'm not too fond of the morphing potion. Its colors are don't quite match the Dabu's and I wish the shape would resemble a morphing potion a bit more.

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    20th of Oct '17 @ 3:05 PM

Happy Aniversary Icepets! smile_heart.gif

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Item Artist

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    20th of Oct '17 @ 4:29 PM

Happy Anniversary IcePets! smile_heart.gif
I haven't been here very long yet, but I've really enjoyed my time here and I look forward to seeing how this site grows in the upcoming year!

I'm really glad to see the Scarab Amuelt in the ICE Shop too! I was thinking about how I'd get my hands on one of those, so this was great time for it to return smile_happy.gif
Those discounts are super tempting as well ... might get the custom avatar I've been considering!

armin | they / them

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    20th of Oct '17 @ 5:33 PM

Happy Birthday Icepets!!! smile_grin.gif

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    20th of Oct '17 @ 8:20 PM

Happy 8th Anniversary IcePets

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    22nd of Oct '17 @ 10:07 AM

OH DANG I love that ancient look! Nice job, artists. And Happy Anniversary! smile_star.gifsmile_heart.gifsmile_star.gif

mood: very bloated and overjoyed

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    22nd of Oct '17 @ 5:36 PM

Happy anniversary IP!

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