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Staff Manager

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    17th of Oct '17 @ 1:15 PM

Today we are happy to announce that a dear, old friend has recently received a new coat of paint!

Halloween Dabu
Don't worry; they're not as smelly as they look!

Halloween Dabu Morphing Potion

While the Dabu has been revamped, the Morphing Potion will remain the same! So, keep your eyes peeled for it in the Snow Jar Igloo.

In addition, we woud like to remind everyone that our IcePets IRL Contest is still going on! You have until October 23rd at 23:59 IST to submit your entry to @Judda. We've already received some entries and they look aaaaamazing!; so we're very excited to see what else you all can create.

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    17th of Oct '17 @ 1:19 PM

Nice job artist! Fits in with the current art much better smile_heart.gif

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    17th of Oct '17 @ 1:32 PM

The old version looked great but this version looks better. Much scarier now, and it actually looks like a swamp creature now!

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Item Artist

Posts: 406
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    17th of Oct '17 @ 2:08 PM

I really like this revamp! The old one didn't match the current style well anymore, even if I thought it was oddly charming, but this was a much needed change!
I love the simpler, cleaner design, but I especially like the colors!

armin | they / them

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Posts: 1300
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    17th of Oct '17 @ 3:12 PM

Great revamp, I really love it smile_grin.gif

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    17th of Oct '17 @ 7:57 PM

good job, love itsmile_heart.gif

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Posts: 34
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    17th of Oct '17 @ 11:06 PM

ahh this looks so cute! Fits super well with the current style too. Thanks for the update! smile_heart.gif

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Posts: 30
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    18th of Oct '17 @ 2:13 PM

What a cute look! The bottle's art is a nice touch as well!

Whoever made this art, keep it up! It's wonderful!

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Posts: 103
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    19th of Oct '17 @ 10:45 PM

smile_devil.gif what happen to my pet ...omg i am so upset .. this is so UGLY.. you all are NUTS.. oh I cant wait to see what they all rip your pets up smile_devil.gif

Team Red Dovu

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    20th of Oct '17 @ 10:32 PM

I have to agree with NannyNanny - the art work is great, but the design is awful. Before my Halloween Dabu reminded me of a baby Creature From The Black Lagoon. Now he looks like a dufus, poor little guy. I really want the old Halloween Dabu back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I changed Ebbie to his Halloween Dovu color. PLEASE DON'T CHANGE THE OTHERS!!!!! Halloween is my FAVORITE morphs and I adore ALL of them - except for what happened to the Dabu. smile_cry.gifsmile_cry.gifsmile_cry.gifsmile_cry.gif

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