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» Shine Bright Like a Gemstone

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    30th of Sep '17 @ 1:44 PM

Crystal Cobron

What... What's that beautiful shine coming from that direction? Is it gold? Or maybe even a star? No, it's much better than all of that combined the Crystal Cobron has joined the ranks! This wonderful little critter loves everything that has anything even remotely to do with gems, so asking them for tips and tricks about jewelry whenever needed might be a great idea.

Crystal Cobron Morphing Potion

Just like the Pet itself, the Crystal Cobron Morphing Potion is nothing but beatiful. Try restocking one from Gabrielle or simply head to the I.C.E. Shop to grab one at the small price of 500 IceCash (450 for Gold Users)!

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Posts: 1783
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    30th of Sep '17 @ 1:50 PM

How beautiful!!!! smile_grin.gif

Zabeu Lover

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Posts: 4566
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    30th of Sep '17 @ 2:09 PM

I love the design of the crystal cobron! Very nice!

"Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game."

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Posts: 30
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    30th of Sep '17 @ 2:25 PM

More Cyrstal Potions! Nice!

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    30th of Sep '17 @ 2:32 PM

What a pretty cobron. Love it that it's not blue

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Posts: 2989
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    30th of Sep '17 @ 2:33 PM

I love the gold color. This is my favorite crystal color released so far. smile_heart.gif

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Item Artist

Posts: 311
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    30th of Sep '17 @ 3:13 PM

Both the Pet art and the MP turned out fantastic!
I love the colors for this one, it's such a pretty shade of gold! The gemstone fangs and the "bracelet" are a nice touch as well smile_happy.gif

armin | they / them

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Posts: 1107
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    30th of Sep '17 @ 3:44 PM

Posted by irissa

What a pretty cobron. Love it that it's not blue

I can't add anything else!! I totally Agree with you!

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Posts: 70
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    30th of Sep '17 @ 7:00 PM

Oh i love crystal and a different color crystal than the others, very pretty!


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Posts: 303
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    30th of Sep '17 @ 7:29 PM

Novyn has a friend nowsmile_grin.gif and Topaz is a nice color too.

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Posts: 349
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    30th of Sep '17 @ 9:00 PM

AWW, how cute! ♥

Please ping me when you're replying to me.

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Posts: 3136
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    30th of Sep '17 @ 10:05 PM

Is it only going to be in the ICE shop for this one day though?

Or is it going to become part of the October month too?

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    1st of Oct '17 @ 12:22 AM

Looks like it'll be sticking around in the I.C.E. Shop! smile_wink.gif

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And definitely don't do anything I wouldn't do.

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Posts: 3136
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    1st of Oct '17 @ 11:52 AM


I hate it when they pop up with like 5 days left at the end of the month.

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Posts: 375
Avatars: 164/205

    1st of Oct '17 @ 12:06 PM

yeah! its is very pretty... I love the MP and pet colour smile_heart.gif

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