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» I decided to try out digital art....

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    17th of Sep '17 @ 4:14 PM

I have had my computer for almost 5 years and I've never really tried to create anything on photoshop... until now! Lately I had this idea of creating my own generation of Fakemon (fake Pokémon), and so I decided to make all of them digital. So far, I have liked the results!

Final Grass Starter, Leafrabbit (grass/ground):


Final Fire Starter, Drakoflame (fire/dragon):


Final Water Starter, Unnamed (water/psychic):


If anyone wants to help with a name for this on, I would greatly appreciate it!

Random other one, Embear (fire/rock):


A legendary, Unnamed (psychic/light)


Another random one, Astronine (flying/light)


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    17th of Sep '17 @ 4:18 PM


What an amazing step into digital art! If these are your first tries, then you're going to get amazing once you get a strong hang of it. I'd suggest giving sai a try as well. Knowing how to use photoshop and sai will work out really well for you.

Very cute fakemon as well! Your grass/ground rabbit is cute. smile_happy.gif

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    17th of Sep '17 @ 4:39 PM


Thank you so much, that means a lot! smile_happy.gif I am going to work my best to improve my skills!

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    17th of Sep '17 @ 6:08 PM

I honestly wouldn't have guessed this is your first go at digital - most struggle a lot at first, so great job on that! smile_grin.gif Very cute designs to boot. smile_happy.gif
I second what Read said, Paint Tool SAI is a great program that's easy to use. smile_happy.gif Often people forget to note it's not free besides the trial though, so if that makes it not an option then FireAlpaca is a simple, free program that has some similarities! Very easy to get the hang of. Even if neither work for you, you'll have gotten some practice trying it out at least! smile_grin.gif

I wish you luck with your Fakemon and digital art, it's already looking good so far and can only improve!! smile_star.gif

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    18th of Sep '17 @ 10:55 AM

You have some really neat ideas here. Love the art!

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    18th of Sep '17 @ 4:46 PM

@peridxt - @RiverStarr

Thanks a lot you guys smile_happy.gif I'm getting really into it now, I could barely go a class today without using photoshop!

Unfortunately since my computer belongs to the school, I can only use photoshop, and I don't have it over summers, but I like photoshop for this smile_happy.gif

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    13th of Oct '17 @ 4:41 PM

I am a traditional artist and when I tried to do this kind of stuff on a computer it didn't turn out NEARLY as good as this lol. Good job!smile_yes.gif

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    14th of Oct '17 @ 11:38 AM


Thank you so much!

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    1st of Jan '18 @ 8:01 PM

Those are really cute/pretty! I love the winged wolf. If I may, I'd like to suggest researching lights and shadows more -- try shading with bluer colors instead of just darker ones, for example. Your designs are great so far though!

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    2nd of Jan '18 @ 6:18 AM

I think those are cuter and awesomer than a lot of the later-generation pokemon heheh. smile_heart.gif

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    2nd of May '18 @ 8:10 PM


Super late response but this digital art is wonderful! I especially love the one
A legendary, Unnamed (psychic/light) the purple gradient is mesmerizing!

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    3rd of May '18 @ 1:19 AM

Wow your Fakemon are amazing! smile_grin.gif

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    3rd of May '18 @ 1:44 AM

wowzers those are beautiful


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    3rd of May '18 @ 9:35 PM

ohh my goodness!! these are just absolutely stunning!! smile_heart.gif

@ me to get my attention on forums!! ;w;

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