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    15th of Sep '17 @ 11:56 AM

Hey I'm Midna.
I need 30 forum posts for the plot so lets make this fun. Come chat with me! I'm an artist who loves to draw, loves anime, videogames, cartoons, virtual pet sites and more. I also create OCs. (Original characters.

What did yous think of the recent Nintendo direct?
I'm hyped for project octopath traveller, Mario Odyssey and some other games they announced.

What are your favorite animes and why

Do you draw

Just some topics to break the ice lol no pun intended.

DeviantArt as MidnaMoony and MidnaMoonX

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    10th of Oct '17 @ 10:39 PM

Hey I am new here and just starting the plot, I have no idea what I am supposed to do first lol, something about Cecie's Disappearance??

I am into video games and anime as well. I can not draw but I wish I could smile_unsure.gif

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    10th of Oct '17 @ 11:47 PM


If you go to the Create a Pet page, scroll to the bottom, and then click on ‘View’ under the blacked out pet, you should be started on your Plot journey! smile_happy.gif

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Posts: 106
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    11th of Oct '17 @ 6:30 AM

I got it, thank you so much! smile_grin.gif

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    3rd of Nov '17 @ 3:48 PM

yeah I'm working on the 30 posts thing too haha.

MOTM 02/02/18

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