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    12th of Sep '17 @ 3:54 PM

So this avatar took me such a long time to do, cause as I was doing it even though Ferribly was always the main pet, his color had changed a few times (which was believed to reset the counter previously)

So he was a space Cobron, and I didn't apply any other new colours to him, I bought them and put them into the storage bins.

And I put a fresh 50 set of full halloween treat bags in my inventory.

Of the 50 bags I had, it got down to 38 bags remaining when I was awarded the avatar.

And I know Ferribly's colour changed a few times before I stopped changing it whilst I was feeding them to him.

So changing your active pet's color doesn't affect this avatar!

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    15th of Sep '17 @ 7:08 AM

Congratulations!!!!! This takes a lot of time!!!

I did not even think about it ... It's a good thing that changing the pet's color does not affect the avatar. (I'm sure I've changed mine ...)

I'm still in the bag number 35 ... I need to eat another 15.
I hope I get it before I start the next halloween event.

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