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» Username change?

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Good idea...?
Yes  100% 1 vote
No No Votes

    2nd of Sep '17 @ 1:17 PM Hasnt voted yet!

So I've been wanting to change my username SOOOOOOOO badly

Because I don't like it at ALL

So I just beg mercy that this happens

@ Me to get my attention

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    2nd of Sep '17 @ 10:35 PM Hasnt voted yet!

The ability to change usernames has been suggested many times in the past. If you go back through this forum, there are actually quite a few different threads made about it already.

The reason that this hasn't been put in place currently is because of the way that the site is programmed. A lot of features are set up using names instead of ID numbers, so it's not something that is possible at this moment.

However, I know it's something that many people are hoping is made possible in the future.

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    21st of Nov '17 @ 5:35 PM Voted for Yes

@Rosalina1071 @Nati Yes, great idea. It could function like name or gender change for IcePets but not with ic, ip.

I recently inquired about this very thing, and the staff responded immediately as they always do. So, what I'd have to in essence is go back to square one with collections, trophies, etc. but would have two weeks to transfer my IcePets, items, and the like after which the old account would be banned. Since I've worked very hard on my stamp collection - I used to collect them growing up IRL - I was unwilling to give that up.

I think eventually it would be a fabulous idea to implement this option however - some times one draws a blank or uses a name they considered at the moment of signing up, but it becomes a millstone after they've had their account a while.

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