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    30th of Aug '17 @ 3:17 PM

ok so i know this is unlikely to happen but i though it'd be awesome if there was a contest for all users to draw their own real life pets as an icepet and the winner could get their pet made into an actual like special edition icepet or something how cool would that be...anyways i just thought it was a great idea will probably all think it's silly but thought i'd share it anyways

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    30th of Aug '17 @ 7:22 PM


I LOVE this idea! That would be so much fun!

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    31st of Aug '17 @ 7:57 AM

I like the general contest idea of this but I know most people would draw their cat/dogs and then we would just end up with another cat or dog pet on IcePets (ridix/wulfer). I'm not seeing how a "draw your pet as an icepet" could be anything unique or interesting, since it would literally be an animal. When the Krittle came out, it showed a lot of unique ideas being put together into one pet, which was amazingly creative imo.

I'd much rather see some sort of design-your-own-unique-icepet idea or something, where staff picks their favourite and makes it into a real icepet.
BUT even then I know the staff has an amazing team of creative members and they have directions they want to take new pet species and new colours when they come out.

Maybe a "create a companion/critter" item, where you can use pets as inspo.

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    31st of Aug '17 @ 1:49 PM

I don't dislike this idea but Read has a point in that most people's Ice pets would be cats or dogs.

I think if this were something, it should be more along the lines of draw your pet doing something silly and get a prize instead of making it into a pet

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