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» Do you like bugs..?

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Do you like bugs?
BUGS R CREEPY  42% 5 votes
Bugs are beutiful  58% 7 votes

    27th of Aug '17 @ 3:54 PM Hasnt voted yet!

I don't like bugs at ALL

I mean.. I'll try to kill them but I should stop talking

Because this meme explains me vs. bugs


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Posts: 291
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Posts: 34
Avatars: 14/202

    27th of Aug '17 @ 6:00 PM Hasnt voted yet!

I respect bugs... but I also have a phobia of them. smile_unsure.gif I know some bugs are good and everything, but... I'd prefer them to stay away from me, and I can't look at pictures of them either...

That said, some cartoon bug creatures (like Pokemon and of course Krittles!) are adorable and I love them in particular!

But... showing me the bugs their designs were based on is a good way to make me cry.


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Posts: 26
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    28th of Aug '17 @ 5:05 AM Voted for Bugs are beutiful

I like them! They're really neat, and sometimes even cute or funny! I can't stand wasps tho...


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Team Blue Audril

Posts: 4516
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    29th of Aug '17 @ 9:20 AM Voted for BUGS R CREEPY

Bugs creep me out so much that I flinch when a butterfly joke...

I try to just leave them alone when they're in the room but when bugs like spiders decide to be in one corner one second and manage to get to the other side in another second, I turn tail and leave the room. It sometimes gets me in trouble haha

"Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game."

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Team Red Dovu

Posts: 270
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    29th of Aug '17 @ 1:59 PM Voted for BUGS R CREEPY

I hate, hate, hate, hate bugs.
The only I can tolerate are, like, ladybugs.

Call me Vee!
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Posts: 3
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    30th of Aug '17 @ 7:35 AM Voted for BUGS R CREEPY

I like the idea of certain bugs and arachnids on paper. Some of them (exotic moths, butterflies, walking leaves, emperor scorpions) are genuinely beautiful, and even pretty fascinating.

But in actuality when creepy crawlies get into our house, my first reaction is to lose my mind and then try to summon someone to come and kill it for me. I guess my vote goes to both options?

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Team Green Trido

Posts: 2941
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    31st of Aug '17 @ 1:06 PM Voted for BUGS R CREEPY

I hate bugs. They actually do creep me out. I don't know where they come from or where they go when they disappear.

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Posts: 50
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    2nd of Oct '17 @ 7:38 PM Voted for Bugs are beutiful

Bugs are absolutely amazing, and as long as they stay far away from me, there won't be a problem. smile_laugh.gif

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Posts: 39
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    13th of Oct '17 @ 6:45 PM Voted for Bugs are beutiful

i respect bugs. i dont like them in my houose or something. Unless it spider. I give them space in my house cuz they take care ofr flies, stinging bugs ect.

Don't let the chain of end with YOU!

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Team Blue Audril

Posts: 94
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    17th of Oct '17 @ 8:50 PM Voted for Bugs are beutiful

Overall I don't care for them, yet I think they are fascinating; I will not kill them, If they are in my house I will either try to get them out or leave them alone. Its currently that time of year where there are TONS of caterpillars (mostly wolliebears) in the road... yes I swerve to avoid them. smile_wink.gif

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Posts: 34
Avatars: 16/202

    23rd of Oct '17 @ 9:10 AM Voted for Bugs are beutiful

I don't usually mind them - I used to live in a basement so sometimes there were spiders in the corners, and so long as they didn't start moving near me I just let them stay. Mosquitoes though... those lil guys can, uh, not exist near me please and thank you.

mood: very bloated and overjoyed

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    24th of Oct '17 @ 5:44 PM Voted for Bugs are beutiful

I LOVE atlas beetles. I hope to have one as an exotic pet one day...

Please do not talk to me I have no people skills

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Team Blue Audril

Posts: 67
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Posts: 109
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    10th of Nov '17 @ 6:34 PM Voted for Bugs are beutiful

I wish I had some woolly bear caterpillars around me. I remember seeing them around in the city in which I lived when I was a kid.

My answer: Well, I found a jumping spider on my sponge when I was washing dishes. I suppose most people would have washed it down the drain, but I put it outside.

When I was younger, I would try to avoid killing insects under any circumstances. However, my opinion has become more realistic as I've gotten older. Some bugs are pests. Some are dangerous.

Black widows are incredibly beautiful up close. However, black widows only need to be fertilized once in a lifetime. As you can imagine, one black widow can then create many. I personally would just avoid them. They tend to hide out in corners or under things and they don't stray from their webs. Yet, I have to kill them when I see them otherwise my toddler or dogs may get too close. It's unfortunate, but there's no easy way around it.

Happy Holidays

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Team Red Dovu

Posts: 89
Avatars: 43/202

    12th of May '18 @ 9:59 AM Voted for BUGS R CREEPY

I HATE BUGS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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