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» Community Search: Searching by Category and Rarity

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Good Idea?
Yes!  100% 5 votes
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    23rd of Aug '17 @ 2:24 PM Hasnt voted yet!

In the community search, you can only search by the the letters in the name of the items, but I thought, what if you can also search by rarity, or category, such as weapons or books. Share your opinion in the poll, is this a good idea?

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    23rd of Aug '17 @ 8:51 PM Voted for Yes!

I love this idea. It could be like an advanced search function. smile_laugh.gif

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    23rd of Aug '17 @ 9:12 PM Voted for Yes!

I can't think of an instance where I wanted to or will search for items based on their rarity (except maybe for the current trivia question smile_laugh.gif ).

I do like the idea of searching by category though. Not sure if you meant searching solely based on the category or searching using letters and then, advancing your search by adding a specific category.

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    24th of Aug '17 @ 12:20 AM Voted for Yes!

I would love to see some filtering search optionssmile_yes.gif

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Item Artist

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    24th of Aug '17 @ 9:57 PM Voted for Yes!

Filtering options are always nice to have! Especially once more and more items get added to the site and some search results start becoming very long ("Plushie" already gives quite a long list right now and it will no doubt continue to grow)!

I'd be inclined to add Value to the filter as well, seeing that it's also listed on the community search results alongside Category and Rarity.

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    27th of Aug '17 @ 5:40 PM Voted for Yes!



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