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» UHD Inventory Hack

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    10th of Aug '17 @ 11:51 PM

Hi everyone.

Here a suggestion that pop up in my mind a few days ago.

I think it would be cool if we could use the UHD to hack a category in our inventory that would let us open or use them even if our inventory is full.

We could hack one of those categories mention below or perhaps 3 if we use 3 UHD to the max. But one hack will be a good start.

Gourmet Food
Morphing potion
Snow Jar
Ice Cube

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    12th of Aug '17 @ 7:56 PM

I'm SUPER on the fence about this one. So I'd love the idea because I'm super lazy with my inventory management most of the time. Just paying a fee and getting to ignore the inventory limit would be easy.

BUT. This would make inventory slots kind of pointless. If I didn't have full inventory slots, I'd find it more profitable to just save IC and buy UHD(s) to get, essentially, unlimited inventory.

Unlimited inventory is also a little bit of a problem, since it discourages a user from moving items around, managing a storage (and using storage slots which is good for the economy), using items, and adding things into their stores/galleries. I could just horde my 10,000+ items in my inventory and never care.

I wouldn't need a GA for Questing then, since they'd all be in my inventory.

So from a user standpoint, I'd totally want to invest in this, BUT I see how bad it could be for other site aspects. :c smile_yes.gifsmile_no.gifsmile_yes.gifsmile_no.gif

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    17th of Aug '17 @ 12:14 AM


This could only be select for 1 hack.

Let just say I want to hack the books, if my inventory is full I wound be able to use all the other items just like it is now, it would be really be specific to a choice I would make for a hack. Inventory is full but I can use the book(S) in my inventory because I hack that category.

It really does not change the fact that you will need to clean your inventory no matter what, but it give a little help.

The list you see above are the list that you could select for 1 hack, not all for hack.


Here the full scenario with more details.


Hack Something!

What would you like to hack?

Upgrade Inventory!

A bar drops down with all the categories.

I select books. Done

All Books can be use even if your inventory is full.

(Now that can be cool if the hack is available for a period of 2 months) perhaps a counter can be add at the top of our inventory like for the gold account. After 2 months you have to use another UHD and have the chance to select a different category.

The kicker with this idea is pretty cool. When there is competition like we just had, anyone can be a captain without thinking if I can hold or use these items. This gives the chance to everyone to shine and have fun.

So there allot of benefit and lots of options to make it work.

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