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This a good idea?
Yeah  100% 2 votes
No No Votes
Idc No Votes

    23rd of Jul '17 @ 11:29 AM Hasnt voted yet!

I've been wanting to poll this but I keep forgeting 😅 I was wondering if we could 👍 ppls comments/replys

@ Me to get my attention

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    23rd of Jul '17 @ 12:31 PM Voted for Yeah

If this is included, I hope we can also handle downvoting as well. I know some websites tend to not use them because no one likes anything negative towards them, but it's honestly a good way to say that you're not for an idea, without having to express it through text.

But overall, I think it would be nice to have a +1/-1 or a Thumbs up/Thumbs down type of system for the forums. c:

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    23rd of Jul '17 @ 7:07 PM Voted for Yeah

This Is a good idea! I agree with @Read though. The more straight forward you are with someone, the better!

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