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Needs A Name...
Pandune?  57% 4 votes
Ursa?  14% 1 vote
(Commenting A Name Idea)  29% 2 votes


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    16th of Jul '17 @ 4:31 PM Voted for Pandune?

Hello everyone!

I, uh, spent a total of 4 hours on this. smile_laugh.gifsmile_heart.gif Not sure if this is a good suggestion or not, since we already have so many adorable pets! ~ I just thought I'd throw some of my creativity out again.

Blue (Small Image)

Blue Morphing Potion?

Different Colors (2 Examples)

Red (Medium Image)

Yellow (Larger Image)

I was thinking that the original habitat for this pet could possibly be in the Knollo Woods, or the Halipar Jungles. *shrugs*


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    17th of Jul '17 @ 9:03 AM Hasnt voted yet!

This guy is cute. I really really love the blue one!

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    17th of Jul '17 @ 9:07 AM Voted for Pandune?

It's visible how much effort went into the making of these! I also just noticed that their paws have hearts on them and am now officially lost ;_; smile_heart.gif

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    17th of Jul '17 @ 4:55 PM Voted for Pandune?


Thank you! ;u; smile_heart.gif

Oh yeah! I forgot to put the summary for the pet down! smile_laugh.gif I was so tired when I posted this... ;u; smile_heart.gif

I was inspired by the little panda plushies I used to receive from Valentine's day when I was little, and came up with a really cool story about this certain pet.

"These Pets are commonly given to loved ones for special occasions. They stand for being dear to the heart and forever cherished. If they are cast aside and forgotten, their flowers will wilt and the pads on their feet will turn dark and split.

A bit dark, X-X I must have been really tired... smile_laugh.gif


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    17th of Jul '17 @ 5:39 PM Hasnt voted yet!

These give off a very strong Audril vibe to me. Like if someone took the Audril and turned it into a bear. The similar ears, tail, and neck fluff, I guess?

It's cute either way, but I'd definitely prefer to see more non-furry, non-"almost normal animal" species.
Fish, Insect, Reptile, Mollusk, Snake, -types of features are things I'm really hoping to see in future pets! Even if my favourites always tend to be the furry cute ones. d:

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    17th of Jul '17 @ 11:33 PM Voted for Pandune?


Oh yeah! smile_laugh.gif I see it! Whoops... smile_laugh.gif

You did give me a really good Idea, though! smile_happy.gif I might be back on the boards later with it! smile_happy.gif


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    25th of Jul '17 @ 4:50 AM Voted for Pandune?

I'm always sorta late to this type of thing, but I think they're really cute!!

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    28th of Jul '17 @ 5:37 AM Hasnt voted yet!

I adore this i have no idea what it should be called but wow!!! Your very talented

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    30th of Jul '17 @ 5:04 AM Voted for Pandune?

That pet idea is so cute! I love the way you drew the lil' bab! I hope it becomes a real thing on here! I really love the tail especially!

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    7th of Aug '17 @ 8:57 PM Voted for (Commenting A Name Idea)


You are amazing! This creature is adorable, but the Morphing Potion is just the cutest thing I've ever seen!! smile_heart.gif

I like the name Rollo or Floki (lol Vikings influence)

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    9th of Aug '17 @ 12:54 AM Voted for Ursa?

These are absolutely adorable! I'm going to be the odd one out here and vote for Ursa smile_laugh.gif I love it!

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    23rd of Aug '17 @ 7:27 AM Voted for (Commenting A Name Idea)

I think this is a great idea! You can never have too many cute pets, and there's not even a bear on-site yet! : ooo I'd repose it a little but I think it looks good.
I like both your name ideas, Pandune is really cute... but I'd try to go for something more like Urdu..? x'D or like Panza xDD

@Read Ooh, I see what you mean about the Audril. I was totally not thinking in that direction. I just saw bear + red panda xD I still think they are different (bear vs. monkey), but it would be good to change the tail (downturned, wide, fluffy, no stripes) @[email protected] I'm really into bears btw.
I would totally love to see more 'other' pets on the site. The krittle is great 'cuz it's like a spider ^o^ I hope we get another insect and maybe an axolotl~

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    4th of Nov '17 @ 3:27 PM Hasnt voted yet!

I think it's supa cute~ I feel like the flower can change depending on the potion? and maybe even change the kind of flower with rare potions
I'm just throwing ideas~ smile_ohcrap.gifsmile_ohcrap.gif


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