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» HTTPS in Link Tags Breaks Forum Posts

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Art Manager

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    15th of Jul '17 @ 11:23 AM

As the title says, if you have an https in an image tag it'll show up just fine (doesn't seem to matter if it's an on-site image or not) BUT if you try to post an HTTPS link in the {link} tags it will break your whole post. Meaning your @pings will break and all link tags will break.

I'm not sure if the HTTPS links work with off-site links, but they don't work with on-site links.

[link] Link Here!

Quote the post to see I wrote these correctly! ^

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    15th of Jul '17 @ 1:38 PM


This is a known bug and has been around for a while - you can use the "https" tag instead of "http" and it will work. It doesn't show up as a button however, you can easily modify the current code that the "link" tag provides to the secure version. All you need to do is add an "s" to the end of the "link" texts.

This issue will go away with the new layout updates as BBCode will be removed at the same time.

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