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» Coin collection

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    8th of Jul '17 @ 1:10 AM

I'd love it! smile_happy.gif

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    8th of Jul '17 @ 2:50 AM


Same! smile_happy.gif


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    8th of Jul '17 @ 6:18 AM

Despite loving the idea of another collection (plushies, please!) I'd still much rather see coins used for something else. There's not a -ton- of them at the moment so they'd be a small collection, and they're mostly released in events as there's not a dedicated shop/quest for them.

Meh on this idea imo. I'd much rather see them find a new use. ^ ^

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    18th of Jul '17 @ 1:45 PM

Why not both? I was really surprised to find that coins weren't a collection, but I think it'd be pretty cool for them to have another use as well! I'm just not sure what smile_tongue.gif

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    23rd of Jul '17 @ 3:17 AM

I agree, this would be neat.

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