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» The Purest Wulfer GIF I've Ever Made...

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More Animations?
Yes!   100% 9 votes
Maybe. (Comment, Please!) No Votes
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    6th of Jul '17 @ 6:52 AM Voted for Yes!


I thought I'd take a small break from doing some sketches to make an animation! (Lol, not much of a break, but this was fun!)

I worked on this for an hour, and it took exactly 56 frames altogether! (Mostly re-used frames, but still!) I was having some complications with uploading it, but it was worth it! The tail is missing, because being the dork I am, I erased it from the image completely. But this is just an animation test to see how I did, so it's basically just practice for now!

As soon as I get my free banners, etc. finished, I plan on making them all animated! If you all want, of course! I'd love to see some opinions, so I'll create a poll and get back to work on those other pet sketches! smile_happy.gifsmile_heart.gif

EDIT: Oh my goodness! The title was supposed to say, "The Purest Wulfer GIF IV'E Ever Made... smile_laugh.gif "


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    6th of Jul '17 @ 10:29 AM Voted for Yes!

It certainly is cute!

"Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game."

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    6th of Jul '17 @ 3:18 PM Voted for Yes!

It's really cute!! And super well-done congrats! smile_grin.gif I think it'd be even cuter with something in its hands - maybe a plushie? (I just really love plushies....)

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    6th of Jul '17 @ 3:24 PM Voted for Yes!

That's amazing! Nicely done, indeed. *hands you a cookie* Outstanding job, I can't wait to see more in the future! (if you do more, that is)


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    7th of Jul '17 @ 3:45 AM Voted for Yes!


I fixed the title for you!
Amazing GIF, by the way!
Such a pure, little soul! I absolutely adore your work!

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Posts: 252
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    7th of Jul '17 @ 1:46 PM Voted for Yes!


Thank you! smile_happy.gif


Thank you as well! ^-^ ~ And same here! I'll have to make one holding a plushie! (maybe an animation where it is cuddling it?)


Thank you! And of course! I plan on drawing all the pets and all of their colors! ~ (It will take a while, but dedication is the way to succeed!)


Ahh! Thank you! ;u; smile_heart.gif

And I'm glad you like it! I'm obsessed with these pets! smile_laugh.gifsmile_heart.gif


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    7th of Jul '17 @ 6:40 PM Voted for Yes!

@EbonyInferno Ah, it's so cute! smile_heart.gif I love how the ears move!

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    7th of Jul '17 @ 11:27 PM Voted for Yes!


Thank you! smile_happy.gif ~

(I love how they move, too! I can't wait to do the Prankster Wulfer, I'm going to have it take off it's hat, move it's ears, and wink while sticking it's tongue out smile_heart.gif )


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    4th of Mar '18 @ 12:59 AM Voted for Yes!


O wow thats cool m8. You draw pretty well.

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    22nd of Mar '18 @ 2:22 AM Voted for Yes!


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V e g a n

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    26th of Mar '18 @ 2:26 AM Voted for Yes!

@EbonyInferno WOW! This is SUPER! So faithful to the concept - I'd smile_heart.gif to see many, many more gifs!

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    2nd of Apr '18 @ 2:16 PM Hasnt voted yet!


Girl, you know what im gonna say

All the banners, all the pets you make its simply devine!
like the wulfers.. im speechless!
Your terrific!

Thanks to @Ebonyinferno for the banner

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